Slick Rock Series – Becca Van

Slick Rock Series – Becca Van

Slick Rock Series

Slick Rock, a small country community in Colorado. Becca Van has depicted this small, quiet town as the centre for the greater, accepted, menage community. Based on the regions cowboy ranches and close knit township goings on, Slick Rock is the place to be to live the life in a menage relationship.

Though the town is real the stories are a true work of fiction.

The series has grown into a popular and successful series. Continuing to be added to infrequently to create the a body of work, with many plots and twists, and of course the love of menage cowboy erotic romance.

The series continues to grow…

Slick Rock 1 – Slick Rock Cowboys

Slick Rock 2 – Double E Ranch

Slick Rock 3 – Her Ex Marines

Slick Rock 4 – Leah’s Irish Heroes

Slick Rock 5 – Her Shadow Men

Slick Rock 6 – Her Personal Security

Slick Rock 7 – Shelby’s Saviors

Slick Rock 8 – Accepting Eva

Slick Rock 9 – Capturing Kylie

Slick Rock 10 -Triple M Ranch

Slick Rock 11 – A Fresh Start For Tori

Slick Rock 12 – Loving Sanctuary

Slick Rock 13 – Triple H Ranch

Slick Rock 14 – A Place To Belong

Slick Rock 15 – Salvation

Slick Rock 16 – Liberation

Slick Rock 17 – Deliverance

Slick Rock 18 – Redemption



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