Slick Rock 7 – Shelby’s Saviors

Slick Rock 7 - Shelby's Saviors - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Shelby Richmond has recently witnessed the murder of her family and, due to suffering PTSD, is on the run from herself.

Cord and Brandt Alcott are drawn to Shelby, and when she suffers a flashback in the Slick Rock diner, they help her through it and keep prying eyes off of her. When she asks about a job, they offer her a position as a receptionist for their security company and also a room for rent in their house. The two men slowly court Shelby into their beds, but she can’t let go of the past, and they don’t know if the love they have for her will be enough to keep her by their sides.

Evil follows Shelby to the small Colorado town, and her life is in danger. Will Shelby have the courage to hold on to love? Or will the evil take her choices away?



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