Slick Rock 7 – Shelby’s Saviors

Slick Rock 7 - Shelby's Saviors - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Slick Rock 7 – Shelby’s Saviors

I want you, baby,” Cord stated, his need for her making his voice deep and husky.

You do?”

Oh yeah. You’re such a sexy little thing. I want to kiss and lick you all over.”

What?” Shelby asked and stiffened in his arms. She lifted her head and stared up at him.

I want to make love with you, Shelby. So does Brandt,” Cord declared.

Oh God,” Shelby moaned.

Will you let us, darlin’?” Brandt asked from just behind Cord.


Think about it, Shelby. I know you’re attracted to us, too. I can smell your little creaming pussy,” Cord rasped. “Just imagine what it would be like to have us touch you at the same time. It’ll be so good, baby.”

But I’ve never had two men before. I’d never thought it possible until I heard of the other polyandrous relationships in Slick Rock.”

Cord carried Shelby to her room and slid her down his aching body. He made sure she knew of his arousal, thrusting his hips into hers before her knees connected with the mattress.

Do you trust me—us, Shelby?”


And you know we’d never hurt you, right?”


And you want us, don’t you, baby?”

Yes.” She whispered her reply.

Then will you let us make you feel good? Will you let us make love with you?”

Oh God. Yes!”

That was all Cord had been waiting for. He stared deeply into her eyes and watched as her breathing escalated and desire tinged her cheeks a pink hue. Finally, when he couldn’t stand it anymore, he pulled her close, bent down, and took her mouth.

She opened to him as soon as his lips connected with hers, and she sighed into his mouth. Slanting his mouth over hers, he slid his tongue into her and tasted. Shelby tasted like no other woman before her. She was pure ambrosia, and one taste would never be enough. The little whimpering sounds she made had him burning for more, and she gripped his shirt like she would never let go.

Again and again he took her, exploring every bit of her moist cavern until they were both breathless. Easing back, he kissed and nibbled his way down her neck until he reached the collar of her shirt. Lifting his head, he watched her carefully as he undid the buttons and parted the material.

You are so fucking sexy, baby. You have no idea how much I’ve craved to feel you under my hands, my mouth, and my body.” Shelby didn’t reply, but she was panting heavily. Her eyelids were lowered, and the green in her eyes seemed to glow with her desire. Her lips were swollen and red from his kisses.

Brandt moved up beside him, and Cord reluctantly stepped back to allow his brother a taste of their woman. “Hey, darlin’, are you sure about this? Because once we start there’s no going back. You’ll be ours, and I’m not just talking about tonight. I mean permanently. Do you understand?”

Yes,” Shelby moaned, reaching for Brandt.

Brandt kissing his woman was one of the most erotic things Cord had ever seen. He couldn’t wait until they had her naked and writhing beneath them. Being careful not to interrupt his brother’s moment with Shelby, he knelt on the bed behind her and pushed her shirt from her shoulders and off her arms. He measured her tiny waist with his hands. He was right, his fingers met at the front and his thumbs in her back. After pushing her hair away from her nape, he kissed and licked down her neck and across the smooth, creamy skin of her shoulders.

Cord caressed his hands over her belly and slowly inched his way up her torso, over her ribs, until he was cupping her lush breasts. He groaned when her hard little nipples stabbed into his hand. With deft fingers he flicked the front catch of her bra open and inhaled sharply when her voluptuous mounds spilled into his palms.

She whimpered into Brandt’s mouth and arched into his touch as he took her hard nipples between fingers and thumbs and squeezed. Fire raced through his blood, making his cock ache and jerk against his zipper and the cum in his balls roil. Covering her with his large hands, he kneaded and caressed, exploring every inch of her soft, fleshy globes. Her body heated with need, and Cord could smell the sexy scent of her musky arousal. His mouth watered as the urge to taste her became too much to ignore. With slow deliberation, he released her breasts and caressed his way down her ribs, torso, and belly, until his fingers connected with the waistband of her jeans.

With unerring dexterity, Cord popped the button of her jeans, lowered the zipper, and hooked his fingers into the sides of the denim material, pushing the pants and her underwear over her rounded hips and down her thighs. Brushing his fingers through the soft hair of her mound, he slid his hand down until he was cupping her pussy with his fingers and the palm of his hand. Then, with slow deliberation, he began using the heel of his hand to massage her soft flesh. Shelby gasped for air as she drew away from Brandt’s mouth, and her eyes closed when Cord applied rhythmic pressure to her clit, still hidden beneath the soft folds of her pussy.

Brandt bent down, removed Shelby’s shoes, and pulled her jeans and panties off over her feet and ankles. Cord supported her weight by tightening his free arm around her waist, bringing her back into contact with his chest.

She likes what you’re doing to her, Cord. I can see her little pussy creaming. Shelby’s so horny her thighs are wet with her juices.”

Do you like what I’m doing, baby?” Cord rumbled out.

Yes,” Shelby gasped.

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