Slick Rock 17 – Deliverance

Slick Rock 17 – Deliverance - By Becca VanWhen Lilac Primrose arrives in Slick Rock, Colorado she thinks she’s jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Having escaped a hostage, cult style life at the tender age of fifteen, and then making a life for herself independently from anyone else, Lilac wants to run again when she notices the prevalent, unusual relationships around town. However, since she has good morals and has signed a lease contract, she stays put.

Retired Marines, Wilder, Cree, and Nash Sheffield have only recently moved to Slick Rock and are about to start new jobs as deputy sheriffs. The moment they see Lilac, they’re mesmerized and are determined to court her.

When Lilac begins to remember more of her past and finds out she’s not who she thinks she is, she seeks the help of the deputies and sheriffs. Lilac ends up in danger and facing her past head on, but this time she’s not sure she’ll be able to escape.


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