Slick Rock 11 – A Fresh Start For Tori

Slick Rock 11 – A Fresh Start For Tori. Without a job, feeling without purpose in her life, Tori seeks assistance in finding herself with her good friend Felicity in Slick Rock. Having been let go from a job she loved and feeling the need to find herself, a relationship was the farthest thing from her mind, but the Katz boys in Slick Rock have a different idea.

Becca Van has continued the popular Slick Rock series with A Fresh Start For Tori. Read the following Blurb to gain a little insight into the next installation to the series.

Slick Rock 11 – A Fresh Start For ToriTori Springer is in limbo with no job and finally decides to close the lease on her apartment and look up her longtime friend Felicity Morten. Even though Tori knows about the polyamorous relationships in Slick Rock she isn’t interested in a relationship with any man. That is until she meets Luther, Jeremiah, and Bryant Katz. The attraction between the four is instant, but Tori’s learned not to trust any man and keeps pushing them away.

Luther, Jeremiah, and Bryant think Tori could be their “One” and are determined to court her into their lives as well as their beds. But it’s hard to woo a woman when the men are trying to set up their own ranch and she and her new business partner are setting up a new shop.

Just when they think Tori will become theirs, unexpected danger is lurking in the wings. Will Tori finally admit her feelings to the three Katz brothers, or will her stubbornness ruin everything?

A new business partnership and busy with setting up a new business in Slick Rock. Can the Katz boys gain her attention long enough to even gain her trust, let alone her love?

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