Slick Rock 11 – A Fresh Start For Tori

Slick Rock 11 – A Fresh Start For Tori. Without a job, feeling without purpose in her life, Tori seeks assistance in finding herself with her good friend Felicity in Slick Rock. Having been let go from a job she loved and feeling the need to find herself, a relationship was the farthest thing from her mind, but the Katz boys in Slick Rock have a different idea.

Becca Van has continued the popular Slick Rock series with A Fresh Start For Tori. Read the following  Adult Excerpt to gain a little insight into the next installation to the series.

Slick Rock 11 – A Fresh Start For ToriLuther leaned over and kissed her deeply. When he weaned his mouth from hers she was once again shaking with her hunger.

Luther slid back down between her legs until he was lying on his belly and his head was directly over her mound. Her back bowed, pushing her pussy higher toward his mouth when she felt his hot breath on her skin, but he just grinned at her and turned his head so that her cunt didn’t come into contact with his mouth.

“Where do you want to be touched, Tori?”

Tori licked her dry lips and took a deep shuddering breath. “My pussy. I want you to touch my clit, my pussy, my breasts, and everywhere in between.”

“Fuck yes,” Jeremiah said and then he was kissing her.

“Mmm,” Luther groaned. “You smell so sweet. I have to have a taste of this pretty little cunt.”

That was the only warning she got. She cried out when Luther’s tongue ran the length of her pussy from her hole up to her clit, the sound muffled by Jeremiah’s mouth.

“Fucking delicious.” Luther growled against her folds, which sent vibrations down deep to her womb and even to her ass.

Bryant licked over one of her nipples and then he scraped his teeth across the tip, which made her pussy clench and release more of her juices. And then she groaned when Luther’s tongue lapped over her clit.

His hot, moist tongue felt so good she thought she just might die from too much pleasure. He licked and sucked at her until her limbs were shaking and her toes curled. She’d never felt anything like the rapture being bestowed on her and didn’t think she would with any other man.

But then she was even more astounded because Luther pushed the tip of a finger into her pussy and the exquisite sensations got even better. Jeremiah lifted his mouth from hers and then he, too, was suckling at her nipple. He didn’t lick and lap at her peak like Bryant had at first. He sucked her hard peak into his mouth and suckled on her strongly. That little bite of pain had her writhing beneath them and crying out for more.

Luther’s finger pushed into her all the way and after pausing a moment he slid it back out. She wanted to beg him to put it back in and just as she opened her mouth to do just that he came back with two fingers. The pressure was intense as her delicate, wet tissue spread. She’d seen how thick and long his fingers were and she bowed her hips from the bed to get more of those pleasure-giving digits inside her. He lifted his mouth from her pussy and placed the palm of his hand on her lower abdomen and applied firm yet gentle pressure to hold her down.

“Easy, baby. We’ll give you what you need.” Luther’s voice was more gravelly than usual and it was then that she realized he was as turned on as she was. His control astounded her and she knew he and his brothers would never do anything to deliberately hurt her. In fact they all seemed hell-bent on making sure she felt only pleasure.

Tori hadn’t even realized that she was still a little wary until that moment and she wanted to tell Luther, Jeremiah, and Bryant that she really did trust them. But the words wouldn’t come because she was so full of emotion she was scared she would start crying, so she nodded instead and gave herself over into their care.

Luther’s green eyes met hers and he smiled at her as if he knew what she’d just been thinking and how she’d given them all the control.

“That’s it, baby. Just relax and feel.” He lowered his head back to her cunt, and as he licked over her engorged pearl he pushed his fingers into her deeper. He didn’t shove them in all the way. No, he took care of her and slowly pumped them in and out until they were in as far as they would go. He paused and then as he sucked her clit in between his lips and lapped over it with his tongue, he began to stroke those wonderfully thick fingers in and out of her pussy. With each press forward he got faster and faster and the pads of his digits stroked over a spot inside her that nearly sent her to the roof.

“Such a sexy woman,” Jeremiah whispered and then he sucked her nipple back into his mouth.

Bryant reached up and held her breast in his large hand and bit down on her nipple. That small zing of pain made her insides tighten and it felt like heated wine was coursing through her veins. She cried out as her pussy fluttered and cream dripped from her hole. Never in her life had Tori experienced…

Thoughts flew right out of her head. That heated wine now felt like it was burning her from the inside. She gasped for breath and then she screamed. Her womb shivered, her cunt trembled and tightened, and then she was flying toward the stars.

Her internal muscles clamped around Luther’s fingers as he thrust them in and out of her body. Her whole body quaked and quivered as she went hurtling up into the stratosphere. The climax seemed to last forever, but it was over way to soon.

When Tori came back to herself it was to find three sets of eyes staring at her hungrily and they were caressing their hands over her body. She panted and gulped at the intense look in their eyes and wondered if they would want to fuck her now.

God, I hope so. Please, please want me the way I want you.

A new business partnership and busy with setting up a new business in Slick Rock. Can the Katz boys gain her attention long enough to even gain her trust, let alone her love?

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