Slick Rock 8 – Accepting Eva

Slick Rock 8 - Accepting Eva - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Evana Woodridge has had to deal with disparaging comments from ignorant people her whole life. Because she walks with a limp and wears a supportive brace on one leg, she feels like men never look at her twice—not until the Badon brothers come along.

Quin, Gray, and Pierson, Slick Rock’s sexy new mechanics, are determined to overcome Eva’s self-doubt and show her the kind of love her new hometown has to offer. She’s convinced that what they feel for her is pity, not love, but no matter how hard she tries to keep the Badon brothers at arm’s length, her desire for them gets the better of her.

But just when the Badons think they’re getting through to Eva, her past catches up with her. Can the brothers get to her in time?



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