Slick Rock 8 – Accepting Eva

Slick Rock 8 - Accepting Eva - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Slick Rock 8 – Accepting Eva

Quin rose to his feet, pulled his T-shirt up over his head, and threw it carelessly aside. His hands went to his belt and the fastenings of his jeans. Next, his thumbs hooked into the waist of the denim and pushed them and his underwear down over his hips. She drew in a ragged breath as she eyed his monster cock. She should have known he would be built proportionately there since he was such a big man. Eva closed her legs and squeezed them together, doubting that his large appendage would fit inside her body, but all thoughts fled when Quin turned to his side and bent over. His ass was just as muscular as the rest of him and she wanted to grip his flesh to test the beefy resistance she knew she would feel when she dug her fingers into his cheeks. When he stood once more, she realized he had removed his boots so he could get his jeans and boxers off. The man was the epitome of masculinity, and she wanted to touch every hard, muscled inch of him.

Movement in her peripheral vision caught her attention and she turned to see Gray had removed his shirt but still had his jeans on. On her other side, Pierson was also displaying his brawny chest, shoulders, arms, and torso. All three of the Badons were powerfully built and drool worthy and would put most of the men in her hometown to shame.

Quin lowered himself to his knees and leaned over her, caging her with his body. He was resting on his arms, which were beside her shoulders, and his knees were outside her thighs, but he wasn’t touching her anywhere. The air in her lungs expelled with a rush and she gasped for another breath as Quin leaned down until their mouths were only inches apart.

I want to make love to you, Eva.” Quin’s moist breath brushed over her lips, causing gooseflesh to rise up over her skin and her pussy to leak out more cream. “Tell me now if you don’t want me.”

Eva couldn’t deny him. She had craved each man’s touch since nearly the beginning. Now that she had the chance to experience their touch, their bodies loving her, there was no way she was going to refuse them. She wanted them just as much as they seemed to want her, and she never had been a hypocrite.

I’ll take that as a yes.”

Quin’s mouth plundered hers. He swept his tongue inside, and when she tasted her essence on his tongue, she whimpered at the eroticism of such a carnal act. When his body lowered onto hers and he covered her totally, his hard cock slipping between her legs, she shifted and tried to give him better access. Without removing his mouth from hers, Quin maneuvered until his legs were inside her splayed thighs and once more depressed her into the blanket beneath. Finally he lifted his head and stared down at her with such heat and hunger, she gasped.

I can’t wait anymore, Eva,” Quin said in a deep voice.

He kept his eyes on hers. Nudging her thighs apart even more, he braced his weight on one arm and with his free hand guided his hard shaft to her pussy. Eva bucked her hips upward, trying to get him inside with a desperation she never imagined she could feel. He held still. Her groan of intense expectation and frustration turned to a mewl of delight as he slowly pushed in.

He was so wide Eva felt her delicate, wet flesh parting to permit him entrance. With a slight thrust the head of his cock popped through her sensitive tissue and he held still.

You are so fucking tight and wet, baby, and you feel so damn good,” Quin rasped.

She could see sweat forming on his brow and knew then that he was taking things slow for her. Her heart clenched and warmth suffused her chest knowing that he was taking such good care of her. With his cock seated, he placed his hand back on the ground next to her shoulder. Quin’s face was tense and twisted with pleasure and he rocked forward and back, gaining more depth in her pussy. At first her muscles resisted, but when the slight erotic burn turned to bliss, she whimpered and reached for his hips. By the time Quin’s cock was buried in her pussy balls-deep, Eva felt as if she was on the very edge of climax once more.

He moved again. This time he sat back on his haunches between her legs, hooked her limbs over the crooks of his elbows, and then shifted over her with his arms once more, leaning on the blanket next to her shoulders. Folded in half like this, she felt every inch of him as he slid deeper inside her than before. As he began to move his hips, dragging and pushing his hard shaft in and out of her pussy, he increased the pace. Every breath that left her mouth sounded like a sob, and even though she tried to hold the sounds back, it was impossible.

Tension began to form along her inner walls, coiling the muscles tighter and tighter and tighter. The more Quin moved, the faster he thrust until the sound of their flesh slapping together along with their panting were the only things she could hear.

With each forward pump of his hips, his balls slapped against her damp ass and enhanced her pleasure. Fingers plucked both her nipples at the same time, and although she knew Pierson and Gray were both touching her and she wanted to look at them, she couldn’t look away from Quin. There was so much emotion in his eyes that Eva found herself mesmerized. His mouth twisted as if in pain and then he slammed into her hard and fast, repeating the action again and again. With each thrust, he twisted his hips as his pelvis met hers so that his pubic bone brushed against her sensitive clit. 

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