Slick Rock 2 – Double E Ranch

Slick Rock 2 - Double E Ranch - By Becca Van

Slick Rock 2 – Double E Ranch

Felicity Wagner drives to the Double Eagle Ranch ten minutes outside of Slick Rock, Colorado, to apply for the job of ranch hand. The moment she sets eyes on ranch owners Tom and Billy Eagle, her body awakens for the first time.

Felicity is saved from an attack by one of the ranch hands, and when the sheriff, Luke Sun-Walker, is called in, he takes one look at the bruised and battered woman and knows she is the right woman for him. Luke and his lifetime friends Tom and Billy agree to woo Felicity together. They know the cool, calm woman Felicity portrays to the world is a facade she is not even aware of and are determined to break down the walls she has erected to get to the fiery, passionate woman beneath.

Felicity’s life is threatened by the insane ex-ranch hand, James, and the three men know time is running out to save their woman. Will they get to her in time? Or will they be too late?



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