Slick Rock 15 – Salvation

Slick Rock 15 – Salvation. Carly Gregson had bad vibes the first time she met her brother’s friend Scott Gold. Unfortunately, her instincts are proven right when her brother is killed. Now fearing for her life, she flees to escape from this mad-man.

Even through her grief and fear, Carly meets up with the Frost brothers Ridge, Bull and Rocky. She rekindles a childhood crush into a romantic flame. The security they vow to provide gives her comfort, allowing her to live again.

Slick Rock 15 - Salvation by Becca VanCarly Gregson is scared, alone and on the run. Scott Gold was supposed to be her brother’s friend, but from the moment Carly met him, she’s cautious. The way he watches and looks at her makes her uneasy, and she tries to keep her distance. However, when her brother dies in a fire, and he tries to kill another of her brother’s friends, Matt, on the way home from his funeral, she’s terrified. When Matt ends up dead, she takes off.

Ridge, Bull, and Rocky Frost are delighted when Carly Gregson crashes back in their lives. They can’t believe how grown up and sexy she is, and they know that she’s the woman for them. When they find out that her brother is dead and she’s in danger, they take her into their home to protect her. They also plan on courting her into their beds, hearts, and lives, permanently. Even while they are vigilant, an error in judgement sends Carly right into Scott Gold’s path. Can they rescue her before it’s too late?

Scott Gold did not, however, lose interest, putting Carly’s life in danger once again. Now she needs to truly fight for her life.

Will the Frost brothers be able to find and save Carly from Scott, and his deranged plan?

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