Slick Rock 15 – Salvation

Slick Rock 15 – Salvation. Carly Gregson had bad vibes the first time she met her brother’s friend Scott Gold. Unfortunately, her instincts are proven right when her brother is killed. Now fearing for her life, she flees to escape from this mad-man.

Even through her grief and fear, Carly meets up with the Frost brothers Ridge, Bull and Rocky. She rekindles a childhood crush into a romantic flame. The security they vow to provide gives her comfort, allowing her to live again.

Slick Rock 15 - Salvation by Becca Van“Let’s help her up,” Ridge said.

Carly wondered if he, they, had changed their minds since her revelation, but she kept her mouth shut. Bull, Rocky, and Ridge all got off the bed. Bull held his hand out to her, and she took it without hesitation, placing her smaller, paler hand in his larger, tanned one. Once she was on her feet, he guided her around to the end of the bed and all three of the men surrounded her.

“What—” was all she managed to say before Rocky was kissing her. The kiss they shared was rapaciously, wildly ravenous. She moaned as his tongue rubbed along hers before he stroked in deeply to explore her mouth. Hands tugged at her clothes, and the anxiety that tried to take hold of her dissipated as her desire grew.

Seconds later she was naked and Rocky broke the kiss.

“Fuck me!” Ridge growled from behind her.

Carly turned to look over her shoulder and held her breath when she saw that Ridge was eyeing her body over. When he lifted his head and met her gaze, the hunger in his eyes had the held breath exploding from her lungs.

“Sexy as all fuck,” Bull rasped from in front of her.

Carly turned to face him, and although she had the urge to cover her private bits with her hands and arms, she resisted. Bull was looking at her with such passion it caused her pussy to clench and cream dripped down onto her inner thighs.

“You are the sexiest fucking woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to see naked,” Rocky said in a hoarse voice.

“Sex goddess,” Ridge murmured.

Carly inhaled deeply when Ridge’s hands landed on her waist before caressing up and down her sides. When he reached her hips and his hands moved to cover her butt cheeks, she moaned. He squeezed those globes before kneading them and sliding his hands gently over the skin.

“Your breasts…” Bull exhaled gustily. “Fucking perfect.”

Bull’s arms moved and then his hands were cupping and weighing said breasts. She didn’t think they were anything special, but she’d had them for a long time. She guessed that since they didn’t have any that they would be a draw to them.

“I have to taste those sweet looking ripe berries.”

As Bull spoke he bent forward until his warm, moist breath wafted over her breasts. Her areolae crinkled, and her nipples hardened. Bull moaned just before he licked over first one engorged tip, and then the other, before sucking the nub into his mouth.

Carly whimpered and went to clutch at his head, but before she could reach her destination, her wrists were caught in big, warm hands and her arms were pushed back to her sides.

“Leave them there, sweetheart,” Rocky ordered.

She glanced down to find him on his knees staring at her curl-covered mound. Ridge caressed down her arms to her wrists, and when Rocky released his hold on her, Ridge pulled her arms behind her back and clasped her wrists in one large hand.

“I love this,” Rocky’s husky voice broke the silence. He threaded his fingers in her pubic hair, caressing the sensitive skin on her mound.

Carly gasped and then moaned when Rocky’s hand moved lower, caressing her pussy lips.

“Oh yeah,” Rocky growled. “She’s so fucking wet.”

“Let’s get her on the bed,” Ridge said.

Carly whimpered when Rocky drew his hand back from her cunt and Bull released the nipple he’d been sucking before lifting her into his arms and against his chest.

She clutched at his bicep as he lowered her to the mattress and released him when he moved away.

All three of them climbed up onto the bed and stared at her as if they were predators and she was prey. A quiver of desire skittered up her spine, causing goose bumps to race over her skin.

Ridge’s hands landed on her ankles and began to caress up and down over her skin, getting higher and higher. When he got to her knees, he nudged them open and then stared at her pussy.

“Baby, we are going to make you feel so good,” Bull rasped. He settled down next to and over her, and then his mouth slanted over hers.

Carly moaned, reaching out to him with one hand. When her hand met the warm skin on his chest, she stroked up and down, mapping each muscular ridge on his chest, torso, and stomach.

She gasped when Rocky pinched and plucked at a nipple as he suckled firmly on the other one.

When she felt Ridge press her legs wider, she tensed for a second, but the tension quickly waned when she felt his warm breath blowing over her clit. She whimpered and dug her nails into Bull’s chest when Ridge lightly licked over her clit.

“Mmm,” Ridge rumbled. “Sweet. Fucking delicious.”

“Oh,” Carly gasped when Bull broke the kiss.

“Give me that nipple, Rocky,” Bull ordered.

She cried out when Bull laved his tongue over her nipple and then sucked the hard peak into his mouth. Electrical sparks shot down from her breast to her pussy. Her internal muscles clenched, and her juices dripped. It was all so overwhelming. Too much, but nowhere near enough. She was shaking and shivering with need, the fire burning so brightly on the inside she felt as if she were melting.

Bull and Rocky were sucking on her nipples, and Ridge was licking her pussy.

Her legs moved restlessly, and even though she tried to stop them, she couldn’t. Carly was a mindless, aching mass of hungry need.

Ridge wrapped his arms around her upper thighs, spreading her legs wider, and he shifted between her legs, until he was on his stomach. She glanced down and found that he was watching her with a heated gaze. She panted for breath, and just as she filled her lungs, he pressed his tongue into her cunt.

Scott Gold did not, however, lose interest, putting Carly’s life in danger once again. Now she needs to truly fight for her life.

Will the Frost brothers be able to find and save Carly from Scott, and his deranged plan?

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