Slick Rock 18 – Redemption

Slick Rock 18 - Redemption by Becca VanSince Enya Baker was treated at the new hospital in Slick Rock, she can’t get the three handsome doctors’ faces out of her mind. It doesn’t help that everywhere she turns, one of them is watching her.

Camden Brown, Phoenix Carter, and Axel Raymond know Enya is the woman they’ve been waiting for, but she doesn’t want any part of them. However, they aren’t about to give up. When Enya is hurt after someone tries to break into her house, all three men rush to her. They offer to let her use the spare room in their home, and they realize just how scared she is when she accepts.

The three men are horrified when she tells them what she endured when she was just a kid, but after hearing her story, they’re more determined to have her in their lives permanently.   Just when Enya accepts to be in a relationship with them, the danger escalates.

Will the doctors be able to protect the love of their lives, or will the assailant win?

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