Slick Rock 18 – Redemption

Slick Rock 18 - Redemption by Becca VanHis shoulders were nearly twice the width of hers and his biceps and pectorals flexed and bulged every time he moved.

His skin was lightly tanned as if he went without a shirt now and then, but it was his washboard abs that had her breath backing up in her lungs. When his hand went to the button of his jeans and he hesitated, she almost told him to keep going. She wanted to see what he looked like naked more than anything else right now. Even she was surprised when she asked him if he was going to remove the rest of his clothes.

The hunger in his gaze when he met her eyes should have set the towel covering her body up in flames. Her heart slammed against her ribs when he lowered the zipper, and she began to ache even more deep inside. Her pussy was wet, and her clit was throbbing along with the racing beat of her heart. Her nipples were hard and aching and each time she shifted on her feet, the terry cloth seemed to abrade her sensitive nipples.

She totally stopped breathing when Cam stood before her completely naked. All she could do was stare at his hard cock as it twitched and bobbed. She had no idea an erect penis would move like that, as if of its own accord, but then, how could she? Enya wasn’t experienced with the opposite sex at all.

Lucy had told her the facts of life but after what had happened to her when she’d been so young, she’d tuned out. She hadn’t wanted to hear anything about sex because to her, sex was just another word for rape. However, she’d been wrong.

She didn’t remember moving, but when she blinked, she was that much closer to Cam. All she had to do was reach out and she’d be touching him. She glanced up at him from beneath her lowered lashes, and when she saw how tense he was she almost stepped back. That was until she saw the fiery heat in his brown eyes. He was looking at her as if she hung the moon and stars all by herself, as is she was the most precious sexist woman alive. Seeing that hungry expression in his eyes gave her the courage to take the next step.

She lifted her hand toward his hard cock and stroked the pad of her finger down the length of his erection. He gasped and she gazed up at him again. He had his head thrown back and his hands locked behind his head. Was he scared he’d hurt her? Maybe she was hurting him. The muscles in his face were tight as if he could be in pain, but then she remembered he’d said it was a good hurt when he was in this state. Did the touch of her finger feel good to him? There was only one way to find out.

Enya drew in a deep fortifying breath and then she wrapped her left hand around his hard dick. He groaned and then looked down at her. His biceps flexed and bulged as if he was restraining himself from touching her and while she wanted that more than anything, she wasn’t ready to take things that far just yet. It had been bad enough to have his hands on her while he’d been washing her, but she wasn’t sure she could deal with him touching her for another reason. She felt as if she would snap and she wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.

His cock was hot and hard, and yet so velvety soft. He was so thick her finger and thumb didn’t even meet, but she quickly pushed any thought of his size away. She didn’t want to think about actual penetration right now.

Enya wasn’t sure where this confidence or courage was coming from, but she couldn’t ignore the deep-seated yearning to explore more. She had no idea what she was doing but decided to go with her instincts. She firmed her grip and moved her hand up toward the head of his cock and back toward the base again.

“That feels amazing, sweetheart,” Cam panted. “I love having you touch me, having your hand wrapped around my cock.”

Moisture wept from her pussy, and her clit pulsed harder and faster. She shifted on her feet and squeezed her thighs together, trying to get a little relief, but it didn’t help. Each time she moved her hand she pumped a little faster, and when her skin brushed against a spot under the crown of his cock, he gasped and groaned.

“Sweetheart, you have to stop,” Cam rasped out.

“Why? Am I hurting you?”

“No, but I’m about to lose control.”

“What?” She frowned up at him.

He met her gaze through narrowed eyes. “If you keep doing that, sweetheart, I’m going to come.”

“Oh!” She lowered her eyes back to his cock and saw a clear drop of fluid in the slit on the tip of his cock. She licked her lips and watched with fascination as the drop bubbled out and down the side of the head. All the while she kept moving her hand up and down his shaft.

“Enya, I’m gonna…ahh!” Cam shouted as his cock grew hotter and expanded in her hand, just before cum shot from the tip of his dick. She squeezed and stroked as more of his juices spumed forth three more times before he grasped her wrist and tugged her hand from his cock. “That was…you’re so fucking amazing, sweetheart.”

Cam pulled her into his arms and held her tight. Enya smiled with new-found carnal knowledge and confidence. She’d enjoyed pleasuring Camden, and she knew she had by the sounds he’d made. Maybe sex wasn’t as bad as she thought it was. Maybe all she’d needed was to meet the right man, or men, to wake up her latent sexual drive.

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