Terra-Form 3 – Keeley’s Opposition

Terra-Form 3 - Keeley's Opposition - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Terra-Form 3 – Keeley’s Opposition

Liam and Bradford were each suckling at a nipple while he attended to her wet cunt. He could see her head thrashing back and forth on the pillow. Keeley had never looked so sexy. Her face flushed rosy pink with arousal as he and the others attended to and played with her body.

Lucius closed his eyes again and flicked his tongue back and forth over Keeley’s clit. She sobbed, and he pulled his hands from beneath her ass. He rimmed a finger around and around her dripping-wet hole, and then he slowly pushed the tip into her cunt. He growled against her pussy as her muscles gripped the tip of his digit, trying to draw him farther into the wet depths. He thrust his finger into her body until he couldn’t go any farther, and then he twisted it around inside her. He heard her cry out, and then he began to pump in and out of her pussy. She sucked and clamped on his flesh, and he couldn’t wait another second to feel her wet heat glove his hard, aching cock.

He sat up between her thighs and moved in closer until his cock was touching her warm wetness. He slowly began to push into her pussy. He gripped her hips, closed his eyes, and groaned as her delicate, sopping flesh parted and enveloped the head of his cock. He opened his eyes again and held still as he stared at his mate.

Her lids were closed, but her neck was arched and she was trying to push up against him. She obviously wanted more of him inside her. She was such a sexy, passionate woman, and he felt his heart clench at the thought of what she had been through. If it hadn’t been for their healers, Lucius knew this exquisite moment would not be taking place. He loved her more than he thought possible. He wanted to tell her of his feelings, but he was worried it was too soon for his mate to hear.

He took a deep, calming breath and then eased another inch of his dick into her cunt. He held still once more, allowing his mate to adjust to his penetration. She was so hot and tight that his lion pushed at him from inside and demanded he fuck Keeley until they both reached orgasm. But he kept a tight rein on his control. The last thing he wanted to do was to hurt his woman in any way.

Lucius took his time, and even though Keeley tried to sheath him fully, he didn’t let her. A minute later, he felt his balls touch the skin of her ass. He knew they would all have to join with her at the same time for their mating bond to be complete. He nudged Liam and Bradford aside and lifted Keeley up so she was sitting on his lap. She sighed in concert with his groan. His cock pushed into her until he could feel her womb. He took a handful of her hair and tugged slightly. She was looking up at him through passion-glazed eyes. He lowered his head and covered her mouth with his own.

He swept his tongue into her mouth and glided it along hers. She tasted so sweet that he knew he would never be able to get enough of her. He explored every inch of her depths and only relinquished her mouth when the need for oxygen compelled him. Bradford moved in behind her and took hold of her hips. Lucius watched her face and waited to see if she would balk at what his friend was about to do.

Her eyes widened before dropping to a passionate half-mast again. He was surprised when she didn’t protest. In fact she leaned against him, relaxed, and wrapped her arms around his chest. He groaned when her hot little tongue began to lick over one of his nipples. His muscles were so taut he was afraid he would snap in half. He closed his eyes and growled as she sucked and nibbled on his tiny, sensitive nub. And then she licked her way across his chest to his other nipple. She was driving him out of his mind.

Baby, you’re ready to take me. Let me know if I hurt you or it’s too much for you,” Bradford rasped out.

Lucius cupped Keeley’s face and watched her intently as Bradford breached her ass for the first time. He saw her mouth tighten, but other than that she showed no discomfort. She was breathing heavily and gripping his biceps tightly, but she still looked totally relaxed. This woman who was their mate was so special and unbelievably trusting. Not once had she told them no since he had carried her into this room.

Use your muscles and push back against me, baby. Oh fuck yeah. Goddess, you feel so good, Keeley. Your ass is clenching on me so tight,” Bradford rumbled in a deep voice.

Lucius’s cock jerked, and he bit down on the inside of his cheek so he wouldn’t begin to thrust in and out of her wet heat uncontrollably.

I’m all the way in, Keeley. Turn your head. Liam has something for you,” Bradford said breathlessly.

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