Terra-Form 3 – Keeley’s Opposition

Terra-Form 3 - Keeley's Opposition - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Terra-Form 3 – Keeley’s Opposition

Keeley Pillar is on her way to a nightclub one moment and standing in a forest surrounded by massive trees the next. She finds herself slung over the shoulder of a large, handsome man as he runs through the forest with two lions chasing them.

Bradford Baer, a bear shifter, and Liam and Lucius King, the two Alphas of the lion pride, have to convince Keeley to mate with them, but she refuses. The decision is taken out of their hands when Keeley’s life hangs in the balance. They must claim her so she will survive.

Their relationship goes from bad to worse, and Keeley is ostracized by the lion pride members. She ends up staying with her new friends April Waterson and Olivia Hammond in the Panther Clan house.

Will her mates be able to convince Keeley she is loved and safe with them? Or will she hold a grudge?

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