Terra-Form 1 – Alpha Panthers

Terra Form 1 - Alpha Panthers - By Becca Van

Terra Form 1 – Alpha Panthers

April couldn’t hold back the moan building in her throat as Gage bent down to her pussy and breathed over her hot, wet flesh. She felt goose bumps rise up over her skin, making her nipples pucker and stand up even further, just begging to be touched. Saxon and Ben leaned over her. One of them took a hard nipple into his mouth and sucked on her to the point of pain, while a finger and thumb plucked at her other elongated nub. She opened her eyes just as Ben took her mouth beneath his own, opening her lips using the firm pressure of his own lips. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, tasting every nook and cranny of her cavern, not leaving one inch of her untasted. He slid his tongue along hers then curled his muscle around her tongue, drawing it from her mouth into his, suckling on her flesh.

April moaned, unable to prevent the sound from escaping as Gage ran his sandpaper-textured tongue over her clit, swirling around the little bundle of sensitive nerves protruding out, eager for more. She had never felt so small and feminine, so sexy, so needed and wanted. She knew she shouldn’t be letting them do this to her, but it had been so long since she had been touched, held. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d had any kind of contact with another human being, besides verbally. She needed to feel needed, like she never had been before. She pushed the thoughts from her mind, letting the pleasure she was receiving from three of the sexiest, most masculine, dominant men she had ever met take her over.

They were consuming her. Gage was lapping at her clit as he slid a finger in and out of her tight, wet sheath. He was torturing her with pleasure. The movement of his thrusting finger was so slow, April sobbed out her frustration. Saxon was sucking and plucking at her nipples, and Ben was ravishing her mouth. April could feel the beginning warning signs of an impending climax, so she thrust her hips at Gage’s mouth, urging him to give her what she wanted, needed. April’s womb began to coil into a tight spring as the three men claiming her as their mate played her body like a violin. The coil gathered in on itself, getting tighter and tighter, pulling the muscles in her abdomen and thighs taut. When she thought she wouldn’t be able to stand anymore, thinking she was about to snap, all movement ceased. Their hands and mouths withdrew from her tautly coiled body.

April screamed with rage, bounded up from her back to her knees with a lightning move. She pushed Gage back on the bed, catching him off guard by the surprised look on his face. She grabbed his massive prick in a firm grip, straddled his hips, and impaled herself on his hard shaft. He was so big she was only able to get a quarter of him inside her. Gage grabbed her around the waist, pulled her down to his chest, tilted her face up to his, and stared into her eyes. The heat, hunger, in his eyes was so potent, April felt singed by it. He lifted his head to her and possessed her mouth with his own. The kiss was so carnal, she felt like she was burning up from the inside out. As he devoured her mouth, he began to thrust his hips up into hers, holding her firmly, pulling her hips down to meet his own. Gage stopped intermittently, giving her time to adjust to his penetration, but she wanted none of that.

April began using her legs. She slid up and down his hard, thick shaft, pushing harder and harder until he was completely filling her cunt. April moaned out loud at the burning feel of his hard cock, stretching her to the point of pain. She relished the feeling of being filled as she had never been filled before. She was in heaven and hell, needing to move, but wanting to savor the feel of his hard rod separating her tight muscles. She couldn’t wait anymore. She had to move, and she had to do it now.

April began to ride Gage’s cock like there was no tomorrow. She was totally out of control but didn’t care. She wanted to feel her flesh gripping around his hard shaft as she reached orgasm, so she picked up her pace until her ass was slapping into his hard, muscular thighs. She needed to take the edge off of her fire before she burned alive.

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