Terra-Form 1 – Alpha Panthers

Terra Form 1 - Alpha Panthers - By Becca Van

Terra Form 1 – Alpha Panthers

April Waterson has just waved good-bye to her best friend and work colleague after a ritual Friday night out for dinner and drinks. She heads toward a cabstand and begins to feels ill. When April’s vision finally clears, she finds herself in an unfamiliar forest, surrounded by gigantic trees. She falls asleep leaning against a large tree trunk.

April finally awakens and finds herself in a palatial-style mansion with two Alpha shape-shifting panthers, Gage and Saxon Kian, claiming she is their mate. She attempts to escape and finds herself being rescued by another shape-shifter, only this time a it’s bear. Ben Koku knows April is his mate as well. He asks April to accept his claim so he may help her deal with her the dominant, arrogant panther shifters, and she accepts.

Will the three men be able to convince April she is a worthy mate for the three of them?


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