Sugar Creek 4 – Prim’s Silver Wolves

Sugar Creek 4 – Prim’s Silver Wolves. Primrose jumps at the chance to stay with an old friend in Sugar Creek, after some disturbing events at her own home. Little does she know how much she will enjoy her stay.

The unexplained events at home had caused her a considerable amount of stress and fear. The cause for that fear has found Prim’s new location, and has come calling. Will the Vargas brothers be able to keep her safe?

Read the following Adult Excerpt to gain a taste of the latest Sugar Creek erotic romance book by Becca Van.

Sugar Creek 4 – Prim's Silver WolvesPrim couldn’t even make herself break the kiss or form any sort of protest when Barrett lifted her up into his arms and began moving. Even her eyelids were too heavy, weighted with arousal, to force open.

She wasn’t carried far and she was aware of being lowered to the leather sofa and the increase of their delectable scents but she didn’t want to ever stop kissing Barrett. Nor Palmer and Edison for that matter.

Barrett did finally slow the kiss and removed his lips from hers and when she was able to get her eyes open their gazes connected and held. She gasped for breath while squirming on the sofa as she tried to rub her body against his.

“Let us take that ache away for you, baby. Let us show you how good it can be between the four of us.”

Even though she knew she should probably be shaking her head she found herself nodding instead. She nearly cried out when Barrett drew back but then she sighed with relief when his hands pushed her tank top up and placed one on her belly. Prim had never felt so hot or horny in her life and she needed their touch like she needed her next breath of air. The cushions on either side of her dipped and then hands were tugging at her everywhere. Her tank was pulled over her head and the button on her jean shorts was tugged open. Before she knew it she was lying on the sofa totally naked, with her ass on the edge of the cushion and her feet on the floor, with Palmer kneeling between her splayed thighs and Barrett and Ed kneeling on either side of him.

“You smell so good, sugar,” Palmer said, and then inhaled deeply several times. “I have to know how you taste.”

Palmer hunkered further down on his knees, his hands caressing up the inside of her legs, pushing them open wider. He stared down at her hairless mound for what seemed like forever before he finally lifted his head and met her gaze.

“You are so fucking sexy, Primrose.”

And then she was crying out as Palmer licked her pussy from clit to hole, and beyond and back again. “Sweet and juicy,” he said in a deep growly voice, and then his tongue pushed into her cunt.

Edison cupped a breast and then started drawing on her nipple with his mouth, laving the tip with his tongue before sucking firmly on it again. Barrett plucked at her other nipple and started kissing her hungrily.

Prim couldn’t believe the pleasure they were giving her. The slurping, sucking and swallowing noises Palmer made as he ate at her pussy drove her wild. Having three hugely muscular men touching and kissing her all at once was out of this world. She moaned when Palmer licked up through her dripping folds and flicked his tongue rapidly back and forth over her clitoris. It was amazing and wonderful but still nowhere near enough.

The ache deep inside was so intense she wanted to beg them to fill her in every orifice she had and take it away.

She whimpered when Palmer rimmed her pussy hole with the tip of his finger and then cried out when he pressed it in. Her cunt muscles clamped down and more juices wept from her vagina. And then he was pressing it in and out as his tongue lapped over her engorged pearl.

Prim had thought the fire raging inside her had been really hot but it was nothing compared to the almost violent need coursing through her whole body. Every single muscle in her frame was strung tighter than an armed bow string, and she realized the sobbing noises she could hear were coming from her own mouth.

Palmer withdrew his finger and then came back with two. The stretch of her pussy tissue was so good she started arching up into his touch and began rocking her hips to his rhythm.

Barrett removed his mouth from hers and began sucking and nipping at her neck. “Yes, baby. Let Palmer make you come for him. He’s going to make you feel so good.”

Primrose groaned and bowed her hips up from the sofa but then her legs were being lifted up and over Palmer’s shoulders. She opened her eyes to see that Ed was the one who had moved her legs, just before he dove back down to suck on her breasts, alternating from one throbbing nipple to the other.

The friction of Palmer’s fingers pumping in and out of her wet sheath was so powerful and the heat was so rampant she was quaking visibly. Her stomach muscles jumped and her pussy clenched as the blaze burned hotter and brighter than ever before. And then she was on the edge of something so phenomenal she couldn’t even draw in a breath.

Escaping death by a wolf, on the road to Sugar Creek, isn’t the last time Prim finds herself in danger. Ironically the wolf is needed to save her.

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