Sugar Creek 4 – Prim’s Silver Wolves

Sugar Creek 4- Prim’s Silver Wolves. Primrose jumps at the chance to stay with an old friend in Sugar Creek, after some disturbing events at her own home. Little does she know how much she will enjoy her stay.

The unexplained events at home had caused her a considerable amount of stress and fear. The cause for that fear has found Prim’s new location, and has come calling. Will the Vargas brothers be able to keep her safe?

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Sugar Creek 4 – Prim's Silver WolvesPrimrose Costa is being terrorized in her own home but doesn’t know who is trying to scare her. She stops calling the police when they begin to think she’s crazy but when she hears from her old work colleague and friend, Melissa, and is invited to spend the summer on her friend’s family land, Prim jumps at the chance.

Just before she arrives at her friend’s house she has a fortuitous encounter with a silver-coated wolf and thinks it must be fate when she escapes unharmed.

When she meets Palmer, Edison, and Barrett Vargas, she is attracted to their good looks, silver hair, handsome faces, and muscular bodies. And even though she tries to resist them it’s really hard when they smell so damn good.

The Vargas brothers know that Primrose is their mate, but can they convince her to accept them as her men, animal side and all?

Escaping death by a wolf, on the road to Sugar Creek, isn’t the last time Prim finds herself in danger. Ironically the wolf is needed to save her.

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