Sugar Creek 1 – Tessa’s Chosen

Sugar Creek 1 – Tessa’s Chosen. Tessa’s past has followed her into the Shifters Inn, right into the path of the Woolf brothers. Protected by three large beautiful men, Tessa is introduced to a world that just doesn’t exist. Or does it? Her disbelief is taken further with the added dangers she then finds her self confronting. Werewolves are real? It’s just too much to process, but those bodies are just too much to reject.

Luc, Gabe and Rafe are there to protect and love Tessa. How do they convince her to love them when she doesn’t understand their ways? Read the following Adult Excerpt to get a glimpse into the story of Tessa’s Chosen.

Sugar Creek 1 – Tessa's Chosen - By Becca Van

Sugar Creek 1 – Tessa’s Chosen

Tessa was nearly going out of her mind with desire. Lucien was sucking and licking her clit and she cried out when his finger rimmed her pussy hole and then drove in deep.

Rafe and Gabe were laving and nibbling on her nipples, sending sparks of electricity straight down to her pussy while they caressed over her stomach, sides and torso. Lucien added another finger to her pussy and began to pump them in and out while flicking the tip of his tongue over her clit.

Fire permeated her from the inside out and her arms, legs, and whole body began to shake. Her internal muscles rippled and clenched around Lucien’s fingers as her body made the climb up toward the peak. Having three sets of hands and mouths on all parts of her body was too much, but yet not enough, and then she was there, right on the edge of something so extraordinary her vision dimmed. Tessa screamed and her hips bowed off the bed as the most powerful climax she had ever had rocked her body.

“That’s it Tess, give me your cream,” Lucien said in a deep, gravelly voice. He continued to pump his fingers in and out of her, letting her ride the waves of ecstasy until the final quake waned away. She was so limp and replete she never wanted to move again.

Tessa opened her eyes to see Lucien, Rafe, and Gabriel staring at her with hunger. Looking down the length of her body, Tess watched as Lucien lowered his head to her pussy again and then she moaned with delight as his tongue tasted her from ass to clit. When he lifted his head and licked his lips as if savoring her essence, another shudder ran over her body, but the words that came out of his mouth had her libido sparking again.

“Ambrosia. Give me more, my mate, come in my mouth. I would taste more of your cream.” Lowering his head once again, Lucien set about pleasuring her once more.

Tessa writhed on the bed in ecstasy as the three men set about building her arousal again. Gabriel was kissing and nibbling at her neck and then he slid his tongue into her ear. Rafe was sucking at one nipple while plucking at the other with his fingers. Lucien continued to lap his tongue over her clit softly. It was too much, yet not enough. She gasped with pleasure and lifted her hips up into Lucien’s mouth, silently begging for more, yet shaking with sensitivity after the orgasm she’d just had.

“It’s too much.”

“It’s not enough,” Gabe whispered into her ear.

Lucien stabbed his tongue into Tessa’s cunt, delving in deep to scoop up the cream her body was producing. He licked his way from her pussy hole and then up to her clit. He did this over and over again, until she thought she’d go mad with need.

When he pressed a finger into her, she whimpered and shoved her hips forward. She could feel her cream leaking out of her pussy and onto her ass. She was so wet she felt like she was leaking like a faucet. Lucien added another finger to her cunt. Turning them, he hooked them into her pussy, searching out her G-spot. When he slid the pad of his fingers along the sweet rough spot inside her, Tessa bucked with pleasure. He put his other hand on top of her pubic bone to hold her down and then stroked into her, harder, faster, deeper, but all the while the pads of his fingers caressed over her G-spot. When he pulled back near her entrance, he hooked his fingers, tugging slightly.

A funny feeling came over her and even though she was on the cusp of climax she needed to stop Lucien now. Reaching out, she grabbed hold of his hair and gave a slight jerk, trying to pull him away from her pussy.

“Stop,” she gasped. “I need to…”

Lucien didn’t stop plying her body with pleasure. In fact he seemed more determined to send her over the edge. She tensed, fighting the feelings trying to consume her. Gabe lifted his mouth from her breast, took her hands in his, and pinned them to the bed on either side of her head.

“Let it go, Tessa. Don’t fight it, honey. Lucien is going to make you come like you have never come before.”

“I’ve never…I don’t…I can’t…” Tessa whimpered.

“Yes you can, honey. Let it go, it will be the best orgasm you’ve ever had. Just feel, feel what Lucien is doing to your sweet cunt. It feels good, doesn’t it, babe? It’s too much but not enough. Let him have your cum, baby. We’ll keep you safe.” Gabe thrust his tongue into Tessa’s ear again.

Tessa is fascinated with these three hunky men. Learn how she deals with learning they are werewolves and that she is their mate. Can she learn to love them and deal with having all three men to herself? That is a lot for a scared girl to cope with.

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