Sugar Creek 1 – Tessa’s Chosen

Sugar Creek 1 – Tessa’s Chosen. Tessa’s past has followed her into the Shifters Inn, right into the path of the Woolf brothers. Protected by three large beautiful men, Tessa is introduced to a world that just doesn’t exist. Or does it? Her disbelief is taken further with the added dangers she then finds her self confronting. Werewolves are real? It’s just too much to process, but those bodies are just too much to reject.

Sugar Creek 1 – Tessa's Chosen - By Becca Van

Sugar Creek 1 – Tessa’s Chosen

Luc, Gabe and Rafe are there to protect and love Tessa. How do they convince her to love them when she doesn’t understand their ways? Read the following Blurb to get a glimpse into the story of Tessa’s Chosen.

Tessa Michaels only just manages to escape her ex-fiancé Darren Smythe after he physically abuses her. On the run and with nowhere to live, she ends up at an inn near Sugar Creek, Ohio.

Lucien, Gabriel, and Raphael Woolf, known as Luc, Gabe, and Rafe, know that Tessa is their mate as soon as she walks through the door of the Shifters Inn, but when they see that she is hurt and bruised, they vow to protect her.

Not realizing the three men are werewolves and she their mate, she lets them deal with Darren when he turns up at the inn. Tessa accepts to go home with the men where she will be safe from her ex’s clutches. Even though she tries, she can’t resist the three sexy men and their delectable mating musk and agrees to mate with them. But Darren isn’t the only danger to Tessa.

Will Lucien, Gabe, and Rafe be able to win her over heart, body, and soul, or will the danger following her intercede before they can secure their mate?

Tessa is fascinated with these three hunky men. Learn how she deals with learning they are werewolves and that she is their mate. Can she learn to love them and deal with having all three men to herself? That is a lot for a scared girl to cope with.

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