Soul Sentinels 3 – Nehi and Menna

Soul Sentinels 3 – Nehi and Menna. Lavinia is again stranded and alone. Secretly believing she deserves the bad fortune she endures. Living a life of self doubt and insecurities.

The events near the lake and being saved by the Soul Sentinels from ‘what ever that evil was’, brings on another level of doubting her own worth against the beauty and caring of the demi gods.

Soul Sentinels 3 - Nehi and Menna by Becca VanBoth En and Men had gasped when her naked pussy came into view and from the way they were panting they were struggling to hold their desire at bay.

“You wax?” Men whispered against her ear before sucking the lobe into his mouth.

Lavinia nodded. “I don’t like having hair down there.”

“That’s just fucking sexy,” En said in a low breathless voice. When he pushed her on her knees, spreading her legs wider, her face got hotter, but this time was because she was embarrassed. His eyes were locked on to her pussy, which was open to his gaze. She couldn’t stop the involuntary clench or the cream that dripped from her cunt and knew her face must be as red as a tomato.

En slowly lifted his head and his feral hungry gaze locked with hers. A low rumbling growl built in his chest and came out of his mouth, and then he literally threw himself belly-down on the mattress and dove right in.

Lavinia moaned at the first swipe of his tongue over her sensitive clit and she bucked her hips up closer to his mouth. He groaned against her pussy, sending vibrations into her sheath and deep into her cunt.

Men cupped a breast, lowered his head, and laved the tip with his tongue before drawing it into his mouth and suckling firmly on it. His tongue flicked over the sensitive nub as he moved his hand to her other breast, molding and kneading before pinching and plucking at the nipple.

Lavinia was so overwhelmed with exquisite sensations she could barely draw a breath into her lungs. En licked all over and around her folds, slurping and sucking before swallowing her juices.

She groaned when he rimmed her cunt with the tip of his thick finger, lapping at her clit as he slowly pushed that digit into her pussy. Lavinia gasped and writhed, not sure she could handle any more pleasure but still needing more.

The deep ache in her womb got more intense the more they touched her and yet it wasn’t anywhere near enough. Men lifted his mouth from her breast and cupped her face in the palm of his hand, turning her head toward him. His lips opened over hers and he kissed her passionately.

En began to withdraw his finger from her cunt and although she whimpered with frustration the sound was barely audible since Men was kissing her hungrily. When he pressed that finger back into her hot, wet pussy, she moaned. She’d never felt anything so erotically pleasurable in her life and he was only using his finger and mouth on her. Not that there was any “only” about it, but she was blown away by how much joy she was experiencing and neither of them had penetrated her with their cocks yet.

She shivered as she imagined their thick cocks pressing into her body, stretching her tissues, and she ended up crying out as her need rose even higher. Men broke the kiss before licking and nibbling over her jaw and down her neck until he reached her breasts again. He sucked one nipple into his mouth, plying the sensitive peak with his tongue and then pushing it up to gently squish it against the roof of his mouth. He kneaded the other breast with his palm and fingers before pinching it between his finger and thumb.

She was in a delicious quandary because she wanted to push her breast farther into Men’s mouth, but she also wanted to bow her hips up toward En’s mouth.

But in the next instant all thought fled and her body took over. En pressed another finger up into her cunt and began to glide them in and out of her pussy, faster, harder, and deeper. Lavinia sobbed with pleasure and her hips bowed from the bed.

En growled against her clit before flicking his tongue rapidly over the sensitive distended nub as he continued to fuck her with his fingers. When he spread those fingers, stretching her internal muscles even more, she nearly shot off the bed and bliss raced through her.

“That’s it, little one. Just feel. You don’t need to think or worry,” Men mumbled against her breast. “We’ll take care of you.”

“Oh,” Lavinia moaned, cream spilling from her pussy as her insides grew wetter and hotter.

En flattened his tongue over her clit, licking fast and firmly on her engorged pearl and she felt the tension build until her muscles were so tight she felt as if they were about to snap.

Her whole body began to tremble and the pressure inside grew so taut she felt her inner walls coiling tighter. En licked over her clit faster, twisted his fingers in her cunt, and rubbed against the top wall of her vagina.

Lavinia’s mouth opened on a loud cry of ecstasy just before her world fell apart.

Her internal muscles clamped down hard around En’s thick fingers before releasing and clamping down again. Her legs shook, her belly trembled and euphoria wrapped her up in its embrace as she came hard. Although her eyes were closed she saw bright streaks of light. Cream gushed from her pussy and her body trembled so hard she wondered if she would end up falling off the bed. The whole time she was coming, En continued to glide his fingers in and out of her cunt and stroked over that hot spot inside of her. Men bit lightly on one nipple while continuing to squeeze the other between his finger and thumb.

The climax seemed to last for long, glorious minutes and by the time the contractions and tremors began to wane she was coated in a fine sheen of sweat.

Lavinia’s resolve and nerve will be tested and make her decide on her own worth. For the sake of “En” and “Men” will she decide she is worthy of the love of these two demi gods?

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