Soul Sentinels 3 – Nehi and Menna

Soul Sentinels 3 – Nehi and Menna. Lavinia is again stranded and alone. Secretly believing she deserves the bad fortune she endures. Living a life of self doubt and insecurities.

The events near the lake and being saved by the Soul Sentinels from ‘what ever that evil was’, brings on another level of doubting her own worth against the beauty and caring of the demi gods.

Soul Sentinels 3 - Nehi and Menna by Becca VanAfter her supposed friends leave her in the middle of nowhere with no other option than to walk, Lavinia Frock immediately feels as if she’s being watched. Then she sees the black, evil shadows creeping toward her. What she is faced with is far more frightening than any human being.

Just as she thinks she’s about to die two tall, muscular men seem to appear out of nowhere and come to her rescue. She has trouble believing her own eyes as they fight off the shadows with scimitars.

Nehi “En” Fadil and Menna “Men” Jahi know that Lavinia is their mate, but trying to convince her that they are the men for her is an additional problem. How do you convince the love of your life you are meant to be together, when she has no idea that evil or sentinels exist?

Lavinia’s resolve and nerve will be tested and make her decide on her own worth. For the sake of β€œEn” and β€œMen” will she decide she is worthy of the love of these two demi gods?


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