Soul Sentinels 1 – Set and Sab

From the worlds of Pharaohs and Gods comes the eternal struggle between just and evil. Chosen by the ancient Sun God Ra, Set and Sab are among but a few who aim to protect and humanity from the demonic forces.

Soul Sentinels 1 - Set and Sab by Becca VanSet leaned over her, cupped her face, and then bent until their lips were pressed together. She opened to him without any hesitation and moaned as his tongue glided along hers. She kissed him back just as passionately as he was kissing her. He tasted so good. He tasted of passion and man and she couldn’t get enough.

When her lungs began to burn she broke the kiss and gasped for air and then she was gasping for another reason. Sab pushed her legs apart and smoothed his hands up her thighs until his thumbs were on her pussy lips. She groaned at the pleasurable sensations and then whimpered as his fingers slid between her folds, spreading the cream leaking from her cunt up to her clit.

“You’re so fucking wet,” Sab said in a growly voice. “I need to taste your honey.”

Zara drew in a deep ragged breath and closed her eyes when Sab hunkered down between her legs until his head was hovering over her pussy. Her eyes snapped open again when Set swirled his tongue around her nipple over the areola until the skin puckered and her nipple hardened even more.

A cry of pure pleasure left her mouth when Sab lowered his head, laving the tip of his tongue over her clit, causing her pussy to clench and more juices to weep out. When Sab pushed a finger up into her wet cunt a guttural sound formed in her chest and emitted from between her parted lips.

She’d never felt anything so exquisitely blissful in her life and he was only stroking a finger in and out of her pussy. She couldn’t imagine how wonderful it was going to feel once he had his cock in her vagina.

Set released the nipple he’d been sucking on and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Do you like what Sab is doing to you, baby? Do you like how it feels when he licks your cunt and finger fucks you?”

“Yes,” Zara moaned and groaned when Sab drew her clit into his mouth. Cream was continuously leaking from her pussy as he drove a finger in and out of her sex. It felt so damned amazing but she wanted one of her men to fill her cunt with their hard cocks.

Using the hand closest to Set, she placed it on his washboard abs and caressed down. The tip of her finger brushed against the damp head of his cock and her mouth watered for a taste. She wanted to know what his cock tasted like, needed to know if his pre-cum was salty or sweet or maybe a combination of both.

She reached down more and wrapped her hand around his hot and hard, yet surprisingly velvet-soft skinned erection. He moaned and shoved his hips toward her and when she adjusted her grip on him she realized that her fingers didn’t meet. He was so damn big and sexy all over and although she was a little trepidatious about his and Sab’s size, she wasn’t about to let a little nervousness stop them from claiming her. She hungered for them to fill her, for them to relieve the ache that had been growing stronger and more intense since she’d first spotted them walking into the diner.

The heat coursing through her veins got hotter and when Sab added another finger to her pussy and began driving them in and out of her faster and deeper, she felt as if she would melt right into the mattress.

Zara pumped her hand up and down Set’s cock, relishing the soft covered steel moving against her palm.

“That feels so fucking good, baby,” Set rasped. “Squeeze me harder, Zara.”

Set covered her hand and showed her how he liked to be stroked and she complied, wanting to give him as much pleasure as they were giving her.

When Sab pressed against a really sensitive spot inside of her at the top wall of her cunt, she cried out and arched up into his mouth. He made a growly sound and slurped at her cream and each time his fingers stroked in and out of her pussy, he made sure to rub that sweet spot. The tension built inside, her internal walls seeming to gather closer and closer together as the friction of his rubbing digits created pleasurable friction along her wet flesh, until she was hovering on the precipice of something so big she began to shake.

“Let go, baby. Don’t fight the feelings, we won’t let you fall. We’ll catch you, Zara. Now come!” Set slanted his mouth over hers, kissing her rapaciously as he cupped both her breasts in his hands and then tweaked her nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

That, and the way Sab was stroking that spot inside her cunt as he flicked and sucked on her clit sent her screaming toward the heavens.

Bliss held her in its grip, her pussy pulsing and contracting around Sab’s still moving fingers as he sucked and licked at her clit. Her body quaked and quivered, juices gushed from her cunt and her limbs trembled.

She writhed and thrashed in the throes of a powerful orgasm, hearing a roaring sound in her ears and she saw stars flash before her eyes.

Over the ages the chosen Sentinels have grown lonely and look for peace.

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