Kensey shrieked when Weston surged up toward her, snagged an arm around her waist, then rolled. He jumped up onto his knees, moved his hands to her hips, then flipped her over onto her hands and knees. She glanced at him over her shoulder, and when she saw him staring at her ass, she wiggled her hips.

“You have such a sexy ass, love,” Weston said as he caressed then squeezed her butt cheeks. When he dipped a finger into her pussy and stroked up through her folds, she moaned.

“Our woman is sexy from the top of her head to the tip of her toes,” Brenden stated hoarsely.

Kensey looked over at him just as he bent toward her and kissed her. She twined her tongue with his, moaning over his delicious spicy flavor. She was so horny, she wanted to have his cock in her mouth. Wanted all her holes filled at the same time, but even she knew she wasn’t ready for that yet.

She might not be very experienced, but she’d read as much as she could whenever she had a spare moment, and she knew what happened in a ménage relationship. One thing she was glad about was that her father hadn’t had any money and couldn’t make her leave once she’d signed the contract and paid for the deposit and rent on the rental. He’d been disgusted when he’d learned that Slick Rock was rife with polyamorous relationships.

Kensey had been a little shocked herself at first, but she hadn’t been disgusted or judgmental. In fact, she hadn’t thought about it much at all after seeing how happy everyone in town was. Now, here she was about to embark on a carnal journey with one of the three men she was getting involved with, and she couldn’t wait for more.

“Widen your knees for me, love,” Weston said.

She parted her legs more, then reached out and gripped Brenden’s dick through his underwear. He groaned, clasped her wrist, tugged her hand away, then shoved his boxers down until they were around his thighs.

“You want some of this, honey?” he asked, gripping his cock, pumping up and down as he stared into her eyes.

“Yes,” she answered honestly, as she pushed back up until she was once again on all fours. “Come over here.” She beckoned with a nod of her head.

“Give me a minute.” Brenden stood and kicked off his boxers before reclining beside her on the bed.

“Weston, we need to move down the mattress,” Kensey said.

“Whatever you want, love.” Weston clutched her ankles and tugged her down the bed.

She laughed as she fell to her belly, then got back up to her hands and knees when Weston held her ribs to help her.

Shivers of need skated up her spine when he skimmed his hands over her back and ass. He squeezed her butt cheeks, then tapped the inside of one of her inner thighs. Kensey parted her legs further, and just when Brenden carefully shoved his legs in under her body, Weston pierced her pussy with a finger.

“Fuck, she’s tight,” Weston said raspingly.

She met Brenden’s hungry gaze and when she glanced down, she noticed he was caressing his own dick. He and his brothers were all so sexy, they drove her insane with desire.

Lowering onto her elbows, she pushed his hand away, grasped his cock with her own, then licked and lapped at the head of his dick.

“Suck me, honey,” Brenden panted. “Take my cock into your mouth and suck me.”

Kensey opened her lips wide and took the broad head of his dick into her mouth. He closed his eyes and groaned. She released him from her mouth then licked up the outside of his shaft from just above his balls to the where the head and shaft met. He made a strangled growly sound in the back of his throat, and when she glanced at him and saw his head was thrown back, she lapped at the same spot over and over again.

Weston pumped his finger in out of her pussy a few times, withdrew it, then added another digit. He thrust them into her, caressing her inner walls and firing the ache up higher.

The mattress dipped near her knees, and she moaned when the tip of his dick brushed against the inside of her thigh. Weston covered her body with his, his front pressing against her back. He reached around to her clit and made light circles over and around the sensitive pearl.

She took Brenden’s dick deeper into her mouth, and as she started bobbing up and down, she increased the pace of her pumping hand.

“I can’t wait any longer, love. Are you ready for me?” Weston asked.

“Yeah,” she answered after pulling off Brenden’s dick, panting as she tried to catch her breath.

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