Slick Rock 28 - Unshackled Cover

Kensey Nash is hoping her life will change after moving to Slick Rock, but since she’s still living with her abusive father, she knows it won’t. Sad and alone, she moves through life like a robot, all her childish hopes and dreams gone.

Miller, Weston and Brenden Hopper are drawn to the beautiful, sad waitress who serves them at the pub. When they notice she looks as if she’s in pain, they’re worried.

Finding out she’s their new neighbor is a bonus, but when they realize her father is abusing her, they’re furious and horrified. Determined to help her, the three men set out to woo her into their home and their hearts.

Fate steps in when Kensey gets sick. They take her back to their home to care for her.

Unknown danger creates havoc in their lives but none of them know who the threat is coming from.

Kensey’s kidnapped and it’s up to the brothers to find and rescue her.

But who are they trying to save her from?

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