Talia Maxine is waylaid when two masked men accost her, knock her out, and kidnap her after working late one night at a restaurant in Denver, Colorado.

She’s beaten to within an inch of her life and left for dead.

Jay, Jarrett, and Jebediah Sonny, part owners of the Triple L Ranch find Talia beaten just outside the of the ranch. Even though Talia’s face is swollen and bruised, they can’t deny the attraction they feel toward the hurt woman.

When Talia’s released from hospital the Sonny brothers take her to their home so she can recuperate.

The attraction between Talia and the three men is off-the-charts hot, but she tries to resist them. However, her fascination with the men is too strong to ignore for long and she agrees to a relationship.

Danger comes after Talia again and she’s abducted but since her men don’t know she’s even missing, this time she doesn’t think she’s going to survive.

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