Jeb shifted at her side, drawing her attention. She blinked as he leaned closer to her, his eyes on her lips, and when she recognized he was about to kiss her, she quickly closed her eyes. He brushed his lips back and forth over hers, then swiped his tongue over them. She opened to him and moaned as he licked into her mouth. Jay caressed up her legs again, and this time when he got level with her knees, he nudged them apart, skimming his hands up the inside of her thighs.

Jarrett cupped a breast, massaging and kneading the globe before strumming his thumb over the sensitive nipple.

Talia was on sensation overload, and the three men had just started touching her.

What was she going to feel when they finally made love to her?

Jeb broke the kiss, and a moan escaped her parted lips when Jay caressed up through her drenched folds. She tensed, ready to arch her hips up toward him, but all three men placed their hands on her body and held her down. She opened her eyes and blinked up at them one after the other.

“You need to stay still, baby,” Jay stated hoarsely. “We don’t want you hurting your ribs.”

Tears of emotion and gratitude stung her eyes, but she heaved in a deep breath and pushed them away. She’d been so caught up in what they been doing to her, the pleasure they were bestowing in her, she’d completely forgotten about her wounds.

“Just lie still, relax and enjoy, Talia,” Jarrett said as he tweaked a nipple.

How she was supposed to relax when she felt as if every muscle in her body was wound so tight she was about to snap, she had no idea. But she also didn’t want to hurt herself and ruin this. This being her first time making love. She was eager and slightly nervous at the same time. Nonetheless, she was so wet and needy for them she didn’t want any of them stopping.

Her womb and pussy clenched when Jay stroked up through her swollen, wet labia, and her cry of ecstasy when he caressed over her clit was muffled by Jarrett’s mouth since he was still kissing her.

Talia wanted to know what it was like to make love with all three of the Sonny brothers, and she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize this moment. Jay, Jeb, and Jarrett got to her in ways no one else ever had.

“Look at me, sweetness,” Jarrett commanded.

She opened her eyes and met his gaze. He barely gave her time to inhale before his mouth slanted over hers. She moaned and opened to him, kissing him back as passionately as he kissed her.

The cinders simmering in her lower belly grew hotter as the flames inside of her leapt to life.

Jarrett lifted his mouth from hers, kissing and licking his way down her neck toward her chest. Jeb was suckling on a breast, and each pull of his mouth on her nipple sent the flickers of desire leaping higher still.

The mattress between her now far-spread legs dipped as Jay maneuvered between them. His hot breath was the only precursory warning she got before he lowered his mouth to her pussy and licked her from bottom to top.

“Oh god,” she cried out as she began to tremble. Each time he lapped at her distended, sensitive clit, the muscles in her lower abdomen jumped with rapturous need.

Keeping still was difficult when the yearning to rock her hips grew so strong, it was almost a living compulsion, but again as soon as she canted them up toward Jay, three hands held down to the mattress.

When Jay rimmed her soaked entrance with a finger, Talia held her breath, then the air in her lungs whooshed out as he penetrated her pussy. It felt so good having the tip of his finger inside of her, she couldn’t wait to feel his cock breaching her body.

She lifted her arms and combed her fingers through Jarrett’s and Jeb’s hair. They were both sucking and lapping at her nipples.

She moaned when Jay cupped her ass with one hand, raising her pussy slightly from the bed as he swirled his tongue around her clit and began to thrust his finger in and out of her core. Talia had never felt anything so sublimely wondrous in her life and couldn’t wait for more.

Jay added another finger to her pussy, his thick digits stretching her out as he gently pumped them, gaining more and more depth each time he drove them back into her body. Even though her breathing was fast and choppy, she couldn’t slow it or her rapid heartbeat down, but she didn’t care. She was too intent on what the three men were doing to her to bother about something so inconsequential.

With each stroke of his fingers into her pussy and lap of his tongue on her clit, the pressure inside of her grew. The lusty blaze grew hotter, and Talia felt as if she was about to explode.

And then it happened.

The tightly wound spiral snapped, and she cried out with nirvana as she imploded.

Her whole body jolted and shook. Her pussy clenched around Jay’s still pistoning fingers, released, and clamped down again.

Talia felt as if she was flying, as if her soul had left her body and was soaring to the heavens.

The ecstasy was so intense she couldn’t breathe as she savored the joyous bliss coursing through her body.

In the moment the glory began to wane, she knew she’d made the right decision to have a relationship with the three brothers.

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