Slick Rock 23 – All or Nothing


After being imprisoned and abused for most of her life, Kat Russo wants nothing to do with men. Although she’s highly attracted to the three new deputies, she keeps them at arm’s length with her vicious tongue and bravado attitude.

Jalen, Dante, and Mica Donnybrook want Kat to be their woman but don’t think they stand a chance. Even though they got to know her while she was living in their house and under their protection, she adamantly refuses any of their advances.

When Kat experiences a flashback and is diagnosed with PTSD, the three Donnybrook brothers rally around her to help her come to terms with all she’s endured, but she keeps pushing them away.

However, the heat sparking between them is too intense to ignore forever and she finally capitulates and agrees to try a relationship with them.

Once more, Kat finds herself in danger but since no one knows she’s missing, she doesn’t think she’ll get out of the situation alive.

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