Slick Rock 23 – All or Nothing


Jalen had slipped from the sofa to his knees on the floor right behind her and was skimming his hands up and down her back, her sides, and over her butt cheeks. Her pussy clinched and she whimpered into Dante’s mouth. As soon as he broke the kiss, Mica once more lifted her with ease and turned her before lowering her back down to his lap.

Heat suffused her cheeks when she saw where Jalen was staring. His gaze was locked onto her pussy, and she gasped when he licked his lips as he raised his eyes to hers.

Mica spread his legs wider, exposing her sex even more. Kat’s face was on fire with embarrassment, but before she could try and close her legs and get up, Mica cupped both of her breasts in his hands, and Jalen caressed a finger up through her slick folds. She jolted when he rubbed a finger over her clit. When he did it again, the muscles in her belly jumped, and her legs started trembling as he stroked her clit once more.

The aching need between her legs intensified until she felt as if she was on fire. It was too much and yet nowhere near enough. She felt so empty and wanted, needed something inside of her to take the pleasurable pain away.

She groaned when Mica licked and nipped at her neck, all the while kneading her breasts and strumming his thumbs over her nipples.

Dante shoved one of Mica’s hands away as he raised his mouth from hers, and she cried out when he laved his tongue over one of her nipples before drawing it into his mouth.

She had the barest warning when she felt Jalen’s warm breath on the inside of her thigh. His cool, soft hair brushed against her sensitive skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake. He kissed her inner thigh, and then she moaned when he licked up through her pussy from bottom to top.

His tongue felt so good lapping all over her wet, sensitive tissues, and she couldn’t seem to stop herself from rocking her hips.

“Yeah, baby,” Jalen said after lifting his head enough to talk. “That’s it, Kat. Let go of all that control.”

Kat tensed, but before she could tell them to stop, Jalen once more slithered his tongue up through her folds. Instead of taking the return journey like he had last time, this time he began to lightly flutter the tip of his tongue over her clit.

She bucked as warm bliss centered in her pussy and womb.

Jalen wrapped his arms around her upper thighs, tugged her closer to him, pulling her upper body down lower, and spread her legs wider.

Then he began to consume her.

“Oh!” Kat cried out and shook with desire. When Jalen rimmed her drenched pussy entrance with the tip of his finger, she held her breath. Air burst from her lungs when he dipped into her creamy well. She reflexively clenched around him and moaned as nerve endings sparked to life even more.

She had never felt anything so sublimely wonderful and had a feeling that what she was feeling was just the tip of the iceberg.

Jalen circled her clit with his tongue as he stroked his finger in and out of her pussy, getting deeper and deeper, until she felt his knuckles against her labia. Mica cupped her chin, tilting her head up as he leaned down, and then he was kissing her. Dante sucked on one nipple while caressing his hand back and forth low on her belly. Each time one of his fingers brushed against her trimmed pubes, her pussy seemed to get even more sensitive.

She whimpered when Jalen added another finger to her entrance and thrust them in and out. A plethora of pressure invaded her limbs, her muscles, until she was so taut she was shaking.

Mica broke the kiss, lapping and nipping at her neck. Whenever he scraped his teeth over her skin she couldn’t stop herself from shuddering in response. Dante suckled harder on her nipple causing a painful glory so strong, she couldn’t stop herself from trying to push her breast further into his mouth when she arched.

Heat seared her bare back from Mica’s naked chest, and the hair on his body prickled her flesh in a good way, making her aware of his masculinity.

More of her cream dripped from her pussy, and the coil inside spiraled tighter and tighter. Kat sobbed as more pleasure assailed her with each kiss, lick, and caress.

Jalen twisted his fingers inside of her and pumped them in and out of her pussy harder and faster. She felt so out of control, and while she tried to reel back in the desperation storming over her, it was a fight she couldn’t win. When Jalen crooked his fingers and rubbed over a hot spot inside her, all was lost.

Kat cried out as she went careening over the knife’s edge and into the chasm of ecstasy. Her whole body shook and quivered. Her pussy clamped down on Jalen’s shunting fingers before releasing and clenching down again. Juices flowed from her pussy as a medley of colorful lights flashed in front of her eyes.

She was shocked by the intense rapture washing over and through her, and finally when the last contraction faded, she slumped against Mica, stunned, as she tried to get her breath back.

Tears of gratitude burned her eyes, but she pushed them away.

She’d never thought to experience such passion in her life, and while she was grateful to the three Donnybrook men for showing her sex wasn’t all about pain and abuse, she’d vowed to never get involved with any man.

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