Nikita Russo manages to escape from her under her mob boss father’s thumb and heads to Slick Rock to join her sister, Katerina. Kat managed to escape twelve months earlier and with careful planning and help from the housekeeper, Rosita, Niki leaves Chicago and years of abuse behind.

Brentley, Rigby and Heston Lyndon know that Niki, their new housekeeper, is the woman they’ve been waiting for. But how are they supposed to court her and convince her they’re meant to be together when she’s skittish.

When Niki’s story comes to light after Brent accidentally scares her into a cationic state, the three men vow to protect her with their lives.

Just when Niki and Kat think they’re safe from danger after hearing their father is dead from poisoning, danger follows them to Slick Rock.

However, this time Niki isn’t going to let anyone abuse or use her without a fight.

Will Niki be able to save Kat and herself from evil’s clutches? Will the Lyndon men be able to save the love of their lives and her sister? 

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