Each time they suckled, sparks of bliss shot straight down to her clit and pussy. Her womb spasmed and her internal muscles clenched, sending more of her juices out to coat her folds.

She was panting so fast and hard, and yet she couldn’t seem to catch her breath.

Brent licked her again and again, then swirled his tongue around her sensitive pearl, flicking it with the tip of his tongue. Her stomach muscles jumped and she moaned.

And then she stopped breathing altogether.

Brent dipped his tongue into her pussy, and as he lapped his way back up toward her clit, he rimmed her soaked hole with his finger. Air exploded from her lungs when he began to push his finger inside of her.

Nerves fired to life as her wet, delicate tissues were stretched and he slowly worked his finger inside of her. She groaned, rolling her head back and forth on the pillow.

The muscles in her body were loose, yet each time Brent pumped his finger deeper into her cunt and Hes and Rig suckled on her nipples, they grew tauter. Her body was a mass of contradictions as tension and lassitude warred with each other.

Niki’s insides were on fire and she was aching all over.

She realized Brent’s finger was all the way inside her pussy when she felt his knuckles pressing into her labia. She clenched around his digit and started rocking her hips since he’d stopped moving.

He pressed her more firmly into the mattress, holding her still, and then he withdrew his finger, but before she could protest, he was back with two. He circled the tip of his tongue around and around her clit, getting closer and closer to where she needed him to touch her the most. Just as he licked over that ultrasensitive spot on the distended bundle of nerves, he started stroking his fingers in and out of her pussy.

Hes released her breast, grasped her chin between his finger and thumb, tilting her face toward him, and he kissed her. Rig rolled one of her nipples while scraping his teeth over the other hard peak, then sucked on it firmly.

Pressure began to grow deep inside Niki’s womb. Her legs started to tremble and liquid desire pooled low in her belly.

Brent pumped his fingers harder and faster, gliding them in and out of her pussy, caressing along the nerve-laden walls of her cunt.

A coil of tension formed in the pit of her stomach, womb, and pussy, getting tighter and tighter each time he shuttled his fingers in and out of her sheath.

Even though she tried to stop her legs from shaking, that just seemed to make the trembling worse.

Brent lifted his mouth from her clit, then blew a warm breath over her sensitive nub. He nipped the upper inside of her thigh, and then he lowered his head back to her pussy. Instead of licking her clit, this time he drew it into his mouth, gently caging it between his teeth, and then he lapped the engorged pearl hard and fast with the tip of his tongue.

Cream dripped from her pussy and over her ass, but she didn’t care. All Niki cared about was chasing the building ecstasy. She was hovering right on the peak but no matter how hard she tried to fall over the edge, something stopped her.

She opened her eyes and gasped for breath. Rig and Hes were suckling on her nipples, but when she saw the sheen of sweat glistening on their skin, the urge to touch them was too intense to ignore.

She untangled her fingers from their hair, and when they both released her breasts to look at her, she caressed her hands down over their chests.

Their skin was soft and smooth, but the muscles underneath were so hard, an unfamiliar yet highly arousing contrast compared to her own body. She smoothed her hands down lower and lower, her fingers undulating over all those delineated ridges. When she reached the waistbands of their jeans, she tugged the buttons open, lowered the zippers, and shoved her hands in under their boxers. Hes gasped and Rig groaned when she wrapped her hands around their hard dicks. The skin of their cocks was velvety smooth and so hot they almost singed her palms. And then she began to pump her hands up and down.

“Send her over,” Rig ordered in a hoarse voice as he and Hes clutched her wrists and drew her hands out of their pants. They lifted her arms over her head but stopped when she shook her head.

“Don’t…don’t…he did that.”

“Sorry, sugar.” Rig laced his fingers with hers and lifted her hand to his mouth, but instead of kissing the back of it like she’d expected, he sucked the tip of her finger into his mouth and caressed the pad with his tongue.

Hes threaded his fingers with hers as he lowered his head toward her chest. This time he went in for the kill with no slow buildup. He sucked her nipple it in deep and pressed it against the roof of his mouth. Niki cried out with pleasure.

Brent twisted his fingers inside of her as he pumped them into and out of her pussy. She gasped and jolted when he rubbed over the top wall of her cunt.

Then she was on sensation overload.

Brent pistoned his fingers hard and fast, caressing over the sweet spot again and again as he licked her clit with his tongue.

Hes and Rig pinched her nipples between their fingers and thumbs to the point of pain, and Brent squeezed her clit between his teeth.

Niki screamed, “Brent!”

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