Slick Rock 20 – Dream Life

Slick Rock 20 - Dream Life by Becca VanShe had the sexiest body on her with all those slender curves, bumps, and valleys. If showing her how much pleasure they could give her hadn’t been so important, Raiden suspected that he would already be buried in her balls-deep. Thank fuck he’d kept all of his clothes on. If she so much as touched her fingers to his chest, he was worried he might rip them off and drive into her until he couldn’t go any further.

He pushed his thoughts aside, lowered his head back between her legs, twirling his tongue around her clit as he eased his fingers farther into her cunt. Her legs trembled in his hold, and when he felt the spongy spot inside of her and her belly muscles jumped, he knew he’d found her G-spot.

Raiden twisted his fingers in her pussy, stroking them in and out of her cunt, making sure the pads of his digits caressed over her hot spot. She gasped and jerked, her eyes squeezing closed.

He glanced up as his brothers, nodding slightly, smiling when Brigg and Tane cupped and lifted her breasts toward their mouths. Brigg drew her nipple deeper into his mouth, suckling firmly on the dusky-rose nub. Tane teased her by scraping the edge of his teeth of the pebbled peak before sucking on it.

Raiden lapped up and down through her folds, gathering all that delicious cream on his tongue before drinking it down. He removed his fingers from her juicy cunt before fucking her with his tongue. He groaned when her muscles clenched around him and her fingers threaded into his hair. She tugged on his tresses, making him chuckle, and he figured the vibration against her pussy must have felt good when she moaned.

Please,” she gasped.

Please what, darlin’?” Brigg asked.

I need…”

What do you need, sweetness?” Tane asked in a raspy voice.

I d-don’t know,” Shyann sobbed.

Raiden lifted his mouth from her pussy. “Shh, baby. I’ll give you what you need.”

How…how do you know if I don’t?”

Raiden decided to show her instead of telling her. He lowered his head back to her cunt, gently easing two fingers back into her pussy, and lapped at her clit.

Oh god,” she groaned.

Now that her muscles weren’t as tight as her passion grew hotter, Raiden pumped his fingers in and out of her cunt, harder, faster, and deeper. Each time he advanced and retreated, he rubbed over her G-spot, earning more gasps and moans from her. He circled her clit with the tip of his tongue before caging the small bud gently between his teeth, lashing over it firmly and quickly.

Her internal muscles rippled around his pumping fingers, the walls of her pussy getting tighter and tighter as the pressure inside of her grew. The muscles in her legs flexed and trembled with desirous tension, and she started rocking her hips in sync with his strokes.

She was hovering right on the precipice.

Raiden crooked his fingers inside her, caressing her G-spot as rapidly as his tongue lashed over her clit.

Her breathing hitched as she froze.

She drew in a deep breath and then screamed.

Shyann bucked and shook. Her cunt muscles clamped down on his finger before releasing and clenching down again.

Juices leaked from her cunt, making his mouth water. He lowered his head, sucking up all her delicious cream, before gently swirling his tongue over her clit again and again. Her belly muscles and legs jerked as he lapped at her sensitive nub, until she pushed against his head.

Raiden lifted his gaze to her face, smiling with satisfied pride at her sexy visage. Her chest and face were flushed, her eyes closed, but it was the curve of her lips that shot straight to his heart. She was so fucking beautiful, he couldn’t wait to make her his.

* * * *

Shyann couldn’t believe how satiated she felt. Her muscles were so heavy and relaxed she wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to move again. Nor could she believe the pleasure she’d experienced. She’d heard all about orgasms, but after her first and only experience with lovemaking, she’d thought it was all bullshit. Now she knew better.

As the glow of passion waned, embarrassment set it.

She hardly knew these men, and here she was naked after letting them touch her. She’d never been this easy before, but there was something about Raiden, Brigg, and Tane that drew her and put her at ease. Yes, they were so damned attractive her body lit up whenever she saw them, but that wasn’t the only reason she was drawn to them. It was their caring and protective personalities.

You okay, darlin’?” Brigg caressed a hand over her belly.

She nodded and blushed.

Open your eyes, sweetness,” Tane commanded, cupping her breast.

Shyann opened her eyes and glanced away when her blush intensified.

They were all looking at her as if she’d hung the moon and stars. No one had ever looked at her that way before.

You have no need to be embarrassed, baby,” Raiden said, skimming his hand over her hip as he sat up between her legs.

You’re gorgeous when you come, Shyann.” Brigg pressed a kiss to her shoulder.

Oh god.”

God had nothing to do with it, baby.” Raiden grinned and winked when she met his gaze.

I can’t believe I let you…I’m not like that.”

Like what?” Tane squeezed a nipple making her gasp.


Raiden grasped her chin, scowling down at her. “You’re not fucking easy, baby. Don’t ever say that about yourself again. Do you think we’d be here with you if you were like that?”

How do I know? We hardly know each other.”

We know enough.” Brigg laced his fingers with hers. “We know we want you and you want us.”

There should be more.” Shyann grabbed for the covers, but before she could pull them up, they were tugged from her hand.

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