Slick Rock 20 – Dream Life

Slick Rock 20 - Dream Life by Becca VanAfter finding her mother and stepfather stabbed to death in their home, Shyann Bowler’s scared. When the police tell Shyann her stepbrother is the murderer, she’s terrified. With her life in turmoil and her heart full of grief, she applies for a job as head librarian in the town of Slick Rock, Colorado and packs her things as soon as she’s hired.

Raiden, Brigg, and Tane Tremaine have been trying to get the beautiful Shyann to go out with them for weeks, but she doesn’t seem to want anything to do with them. However, Raiden isn’t about to give up. He finally manages to get Shyann to have lunch with them and just as they’re leaving the diner, the three brothers save her from being injured by an out of control truck.

However, things aren’t as they seem. When the Tremaine brothers realize that their woman is in danger, they aren’t about to let her out of their sight. Nevertheless, no amount of protection can save her from a crazy man.

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