Slick Rock 19 – Choices

Slick Rock 19 - Choices by Becca VanTwenty-two-year-old Jaylynn is heartbroken when she sees Brax, Ajay, and Cael Rhodes bring a woman home with them, and decides to leave. Jaylynn ends up in Slick Rock, Colorado working at the diner, and while she loves the people and the work, she’s so lonely, she starts working twenty-hour days.

Brax, Ajay, and Cael choose to move when a Marine buddy contacts them and tells them about his hometown. Their pleasantly shocked to see Jaylynn in the diner and when she collapses, they’re determined to take care of her. The Rhodes brothers aren’t about to let Jaylynn escape since they’re attracted to her, and they begin to court her in earnest.

Jaylynn can’t resist the men she’s fallen in love with. But an obsessed nemesis follows her to Slick Rock and manages to abduct her.

The Rhodes men aren’t going to give up until they have Jaylynn back where she belongs, safe in their arms.

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