Slick Rock 19 – Choices

Slick Rock 19 - Choices by Becca VanBrax climbed onto the bed and pulled the button open on her jeans before lowering the zipper. She trembled when he hooked his thumbs under the waistband of her jeans and panties and then tugged them down. Jaylynn lifted her ass from the bed so her clothes came off easily, and glanced down shyly at the hand she had resting between her breasts.

Her heart was thudding hard and rapidly against her sternum and she was once more panting shallowly.

The mattress moved as Ajay maneuvered to a more comfortable position and she moaned when he cupped her breast in his hand, raising and lowering the soft globe as if he was weighing it.

“I love your breasts, honey. They are so fucking perfect with these dark, rosy, hard nipples.” Ajay lowered his head and swirled his tongue around and around her nipple. She cried out when Cael tweaked the other nipple between his finger and thumb and groaned when Brax began to caress up and down her legs.

When he got to her knees, he pushed her thighs apart and then shimmied down onto his belly between them. He lowered his head toward her pussy and inhaled deeply through his nose. “You smell good enough to eat, baby.”

That was the only warning she got.

Brax lowered his mouth the last couple of inches to her pussy and then licked from bottom to top. She jolted and her belly muscles jumped when he lapped over her engorged sensitive clit. Her internal muscles convulsed on emptiness and cream dripped from her pussy.

A low groan bubbled up from her chest and out from between her parted lips when Cael and Ajay both began to draw on her nipples firmly. Shards of pleasure zipped down from her breasts and centered in her wet pussy.

Brax groaned as he swirled his tongue around and over her clit before licking back down through her folds. She shook when he dipped his tongue into her creamy well and then started fucking her with it.

Jaylynn combed her fingers into Cael’s and Ajay’s hair, clutching handfuls as if trying to keep herself grounded. Her insides were on fire and she felt as if she was about to break apart, and she needed to anchor herself in the tumultuous passionate storm.

Cael lifted his mouth from her breast and kissed his way back up toward her mouth. She didn’t even notice she still had ahold of his hair until he clasped her wrist and tugged her hand away. He threaded his fingers into her hair and kissed her hungrily.

Jaylynn was on sensation overload. Her insides were melting with the fiery heat coursing through her veins, her blood. She wasn’t sure she could handle much more without splintering apart.

Heat seeped into the palm of her hand, causing her to realize she was touching Cael’s chest. She tangled her tongue with his and began to caress over his hot, toned body. His pectorals were hard and strong, and she loved the hair on the flesh over his sternum. It was soft and yet coarse but felt so good against her palm, her fingers.

Jaylynn smoothed her hand down lower, loving the way her hand undulated over all those toned sexy ridges. When she got to the delineated muscles in his abs, she mapped the dips and hollows with the tips of her fingers. The back of her hand brushed against the tip of his hard dick and when she felt moisture on her skin, she realized he was very, very excited. She might have been a virgin, but she wasn’t totally naïve. She’d read some romance stories to while away free time, which wasn’t that often, so she didn’t have to interact with other people over the years. When a man leaked pre-cum he was really turned on.

Her heart flipped in her chest and awe filled her soul. They’d told her how attracted to her they were, and this was definite proof that they’d been telling the truth. She wondered if Ajay and Brax were leaking pre-cum too.

Jaylynn pushed Cael’s boxers down and wrapped her hand around his shaft. He growled as he bucked his hips toward her and then broke the kiss. “That feels so fucking good, sweetness. I love having your hands on me.”

She twitched when Brax laved her clit and cried out when he lashed at the sensitive nub with his tongue. A moan emitted from between her lips when he rimmed her soaked pussy entrance with the tip of his finger and she groaned when he pressed the tip inside.

Ajay scraped the edge of his teeth over her nipple, sending streaks of pleasure shooting down to her core.

She panted and puffed as Brax slowly worked his finger deeper into her wet pussy. Nerve endings sparked to life each time he glided his digit in and out of her cunt, and the pressure began to build.

Liquid desire pooled low in her belly and her legs began to tremble. Brax wrapped his arms around her thighs, spread her legs farther apart and lapped hard and fast at her clit while he thrust his finger in and out of her pussy.

The internal walls began to gather closer and closer. The wet frictional slide of Brax’s digit sent pleasure deep into her cunt and womb. Tension invaded every single muscle in her body and she rolled her head back and forth on the pillow.

And then she held her breath.

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