Slave Gold

Slave Gold - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Slave Gold

Shannon’s feet left the floor, and then she was being placed in the middle of the massive bed. Gilmore and Darby crawled up onto the mattress on either side of her, and Barclay got up on the end. He crept up toward her with a predatory look in his eyes, and she felt excitement skitter up her spine. Is this how an animal feels when it’s being stalked? She licked her lips and held in a nervous giggle.

Barclay leaned over her, caging her body without touching it anywhere, and then he lowered his head closer to hers. She breathed in his masculine scent. Sweat and man. Nothing had ever smelled so good. His lips met hers, but instead of demanding a response this time, he started off slow, easing her into his kiss. Brushing his lips back and forth over hers, he groaned and licked the seam of her mouth. Shannon moaned, and he took advantage, sliding his tongue in between her lips.

Reaching up, she grasped his shoulder-length hair and clung tight. She wanted the kiss to go on forever. As he ate at her mouth, he lowered his body down to hers, but he made sure not to crush her. The light sprinkling of hair on his chest abraded her nipples, and she began rubbing her breasts against his skin. Her nipples were so hard they were aching, and she arched up against him with a sob.

Barclay released her mouth and began kissing, licking, and nibbling along her jaw and down the side of her neck. He lightly bit down on the sensitive flesh where shoulder and neck met. After paying attention to that particular spot for a while, he moved down to her chest, licking between her breasts and then up over a fleshy globe. Shannon held her breath, waiting for the touch she needed to her aching nipple. She cried out when he sucked first one nipple and then the other, gently scraping his teeth over her without causing her pain.

She sobbed in frustration when he left her breasts, but Barclay then licked his way down her torso to her belly. Her hips arched when he swirled his tongue around her navel and then dipped it inside. She’d never thought of her belly as an erogenous zone, but she was learning things about herself she hadn’t known. He shifted again, kissing his way lower.

Shannon squirmed when his hot breath caressed her pussy. Barclay placed his hands on the insides of her thighs and pushed them farther apart. Then his mouth was there. His tongue swiped over her clit, and her pussy clenched, releasing more of her juices.

You taste so good, baby. I want you to peak in my mouth,” Barclay rasped before lowering his head once more.

Gilmore cupped her cheek and turned her head toward his. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth and nipped it. Then he was kissing her. His tongue pushed in, sliding along hers and tasting every inch of her mouth.

Darby sucked a nipple into his mouth and pushed it against his palate. The slight pain only seemed to increase her pleasure. He pinched the other nipple between finger and thumb.

Barclay laved her clit, and then he pressed a finger into her pussy. He didn’t shove or thrust too hard. He eased his way in. Pumping his finger in and out until he could go no further, he withdrew completely. When he pushed back in, her sensitive, delicate, wet tissues opened even more, and she realized he was inserting two fingers.

Shannon pulled away from Gilmore, gasping for breath and whimpering as Barclay began to thrust his digits in and out of her pussy. Her internal walls clenched spasmodically, and more of her cream wept from her vagina. The sensation of having three men touching, kissing, and loving her was so exquisite, it was almost overwhelming.

Gilmore pushed Darby’s hand from her breast and began to suckle her nipple. While Darby and Gilmore paid homage to her breasts, Barclay was eating her pussy and finger fucking her. Pleasurable sensations rippled through her, making all the muscles in her body tense up. Shivers ran up and down her spine, and the walls of her vagina began to coil. Her womb felt heavy, and heat traveled over her body from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Shannon was on fire and was about to combust.

Barclay moved his fingers inside her and touched a very sensitive spot she’d had no idea existed. That was all it took. Opening her mouth, she screamed as she reached nirvana. Her body quaked and trembled as her sheath clenched and released around his digits. White lights sparked behind her closed eyelids, and she gasped for breath. When the spasms slowed and finally faded away, her heart still beating rapidly in her chest, she opened her eyes.

You are so fucking beautiful,” Barclay panted. “We want to make love with you, baby. Will you let us?”

Shannon looked to Barclay, Darby, and Gilmore. She wanted to say yes but was uncertain what would happen if she did. She couldn’t stand the thought of being bound to them only to be ripped away again. There was nothing waiting for her in Moab since she had recently been retrenched from her job and she had no other relatives she knew about, but to give herself to them and then be transported back to Earth would break her.

I−I want to…” She bit her lip.

But?” Darby asked. “Why are you hesitating, honey?”

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