Slave Gold

Slave Gold - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Shannon Regis buys a Celtic warrior slave bracelet and finds herself transported to planet Aeros, where she meets triplets Barclay, Darby, and Gilmore Calhoun.

The Calhoun brothers see the bracelet on Shannon’s upper arm and know she has been sent to them by the goddess of love and beauty, Branwen. They have to convince Shannon that she isn’t dreaming or hallucinating and is in fact no longer on Earth, but they also have to convince her that she is meant to be their bond mate.

Just as Shannon seems to be finding her place in her new home, trouble brews from some of the Calhoun brothers’ warriors, and they kidnap her. Shannon is in for the fight of her life, but knows she is no match for nearly seven-foot, crazy warriors.

Will her warriors get to her in time to save her? Or will they be too late?

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