Slave Gold Dimesions 3 : New Reality Book Cover

After trying on the slave gold bracelet at a market in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, Sable Lang is whisked from one version of Earth to another.

Griffin shifters and the ruling monarchs, Alton, King and Tam Garrison are shocked and delighted to find their chosen mate while out for a stress relieving flight. Alton and his brothers change back from animal form to human skin. King Alton can’t resist the sexy, sweet smelling woman and kisses her.

While Sable tries to convince herself she’s dreaming she knows she’s deluding herself when one of the men kisses her.

Trying to find her feet on a new world while being courted by her supposed mates is difficult, but it’s even harder when she has an enemy.

Sable’s also aware of the heated gazes from most of the males and though she wants to hide away she faces her new reality head on.

When her nemeses make their move and kidnap her, Sable isn’t sure she’ll ever see her mates again.

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