Slave Gold 5: Pendag’s Saving Grace

Slave Gold 5: Pendag’s Saving Grace by Becca VanGarz cupped a breast in his hand, kneading and molding the soft globe before strumming his thumb over the hard, sensitive peak.

Charte palmed her cheek, turning her toward him, covering her mouth with his just after she inhaled. He consumed her. He licked into her mouth, gliding his tongue along hers before curling and twirling in an erotic dance.

Starz lifted her breast to his mouth, lapping and licking over her other nipple before drawing it into his mouth.

Grace gasped, whimpered, and groaned.

The mattress dipped between her legs just before Barre wrapped his arms around her upper thighs, spreading her wide. When she felt his warm, moist breath on her soaked folds and engorged, sensitive clit, she moaned.

Charte swallowed the garbled sound she made when Barre licked up one side of her pussy from bottom to top before taking the return journey on the other side. She jerked when he caressed his finger up through her wetness, brushing over her aching clit, causing her insides to clench, forcing more of her juices to leak out.

Charte released her lips, licking and nibbling his way down the side of her neck toward her chest.

Garz removed his hand from her nipple after tweaking the throbbing peak between his finger and thumb. He combed his fingers into her hair and tilted her head back and up until she was meeting his gaze.

“What’s this little button?” Barre asked as he lightly caressed a finger over and around her aching clit.

Grace moaned, her eyes sliding closed as shards of pleasure zinged deep into her womb and pussy. While she loved what he was doing to her, what they were all doing to her, her cheeks heated with embarrassment and desire. She’d never talked about her own body with anyone before.

“Look at me, sweetness,” Garz demanded.

Without conscious thought, Grace opened her eyes and met Garz’s at his command. “Barre asked you a question, mate. You need to answer him.”

When Garz released her hair, she turned to gaze at Barre. Starz and Charte were no longer caressing her or kissing her, either. She saw them watching her expectantly from the corners of her eyes.

“It’s my…my…c-clitoris. My clit.”

Barre nodded as if he’d heard of it before. He lowered his gaze back to her pussy, staring intently at her exposed sex while he circled his finger around the achingly sensitive bundle of nerves. Her internal muscles clenched and she moaned. He lifted his eyes back up to hers. “I have heard our healers talking to the mated males on Pendag about this little nub. It is a pleasure center. Yes?”

She licked her lips and nodded.

“I’ve also overheard some of our males talking,” Charte said. “An Earth female also has a pleasure center deep inside. It is called a G-spot.”

Grace’s cheeks felt as if they were on fire. She couldn’t believe they were talking about her body when she was right there in the room with them. “Did your males also tell you it was rude to talk about someone as if they weren’t in the room?” she snapped.

Barre shook his head, as did the others, but from the chagrinned expressions on Charte, Barre, and Starz’s faces, she’d gotten her point across.

“We mean no disrespect, sweetness,” Garz said as he grasped her chin, tilting her gaze up to his. “We just want to make sure we don’t hurt you and do everything right to give you pleasure. Earth females are slightly different to Pendag females.”

“They don’t have this pleasure button,” Barre explained as he rubbed over her clit again.

“Nor do they have the one deep inside,” Charte said as he gently squeezed her breast before tweaking her nipple.

“Then how do you pleasure them?” Grace asked breathlessly.

Charte took her hand in his bringing it toward his cock. He grasped the base of his erection until she could see the underside of his shaft. He caressed her fingers up and down the ridges under his dick causing her to gasp. She could just imagine how those slightly roughened bumps would feel sliding along her walls. A whimper of need escaped from between her parted lips before she could contain it.

“Are we so different to your males?” Starz asked, drawing her gaze.

She glanced at his long, thick hard cock, licking her dry lips as she shook her head. “Other than being way bigger and the bumps, you’re exactly the same.”

“This is good,” Garz said as he once more tilted her gaze up to his. Before she had a chance to reply, he breached the distance between them and slanted his mouth over hers. He delved in deep with his tongue, dancing and dueling with hers. When Starz released his hold on her wrist, cupped her breast, and began to suckle on her nipple, she groaned. It took a few moments to remember her hand was now free. Grace wanted, needed, to touch them as much as they were touching her. She wrapped her hand around Starz’s cock, noticing that her fingers didn’t meet her thumb since he was so thick in girth. She began to pump her hand up and down his hard dick.

When he groaned, the vibration of his voice against her nipple sent sparks of pleasure down to her clit and pussy, causing her to throb and clench.

Garz broke the kiss just as Barre licked over her clit, making her jerk and cry out. He tightened his arms around her thighs, spreading her legs wider as he held her still, and then he began to lick and suck in earnest.

The pressure inside her lower belly was so intense, her walls clenched and more cream dripped out. Charte scraped the edge of his teeth over her other nipple before drawing it in deep and suckling on it.

Four sets of hands and mouths moved over her body, playing her like experienced virtuosos. Garz was sucking at the skin on her neck just beneath her ear and she moaned.

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