Slave Gold 5: Pendag’s Saving Grace

Slave Gold 5: Pendag’s Saving Grace by Becca VanAfter buying and trying on a Slave Gold bracelet, Grace Wynter’s world turns upside down.

She’s scared when she finds herself on another world, but absolutely terrified of the huge silvery-gray skinned, bloodred-haired aliens who find her out on the desert plains.

Barre Net, the ruling monarch of the planet Pendag, along with his fleet commander, Charte Saxx, and his lead twin-warriors, Starz and Garz Hagg, know as soon as they see her that Grace is their true-mate.

Grace can’t believe she is attracted to all four of the alien men, and while she tries to adapt to a strange new world and ignore the fiery heat sparking between her and the Pendag, it’s an impossible feat.

The attraction between the five of them is too intense to ignore, and she agrees to be their mate.

There is also danger in the wings, and while the men are trying to pinpoint where the threat is coming from, Grace is abducted.

It’s a race against time for Barre, Charte, Garz, and Starz to save the love of their lives.

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