Slave Gold 3 – Darcy’s Zennoxian Mates

Slave Gold 3 – Darcy’s Zennoxian Mates. Finding a bracelet in the dark behind her car after a night out with a friend, Darcy decided to report the find to Police the next day. Such an unusual bracelet deserves a fitting, lets just try it on…

Darcy’s life is about to change more than she would ever dare to imagine. An alien world, many willing and determined suitors. She now needs to learn her own heart and decide on the life she wishes to follow into the future.

Slave Gold 3 – Darcy's Zennoxian Mates“Yes.” Darcy sighed when Plat squeezed the other nipple. “A human woman’s breasts don’t need to be grasped firmly. If you squeezed too hard, you could hurt me. A gentle touch is best, but they are also to feed babies from.”

“Do you have the nourishment in the globes now?” Drac asked, and stared at her breasts as if he wanted to devour them. Plat knew exactly how he felt. He would love to suckle on those tips and taste the nourishing liquid.

“No. A human woman only produces milk in her breasts after giving birth to the baby.”

“You would look very sexy with our babe in your belly,” Cark said in a growly voice.

Plat was about to take a taste of her breast but Drac and Cark beat him to it. When their mouths latched onto those hard nubs, Darcy moaned and her eyes closed again. The scent of her honey became stronger and he decided he would taste her sweet cream.

He knelt on the floor, tugged on the small ties on her strange boots, and then pulled them from her feet one at a time. He removed the coverings from her feet and then he tugged the fastening on her blue pants. The silver clasp popped off and when he yanked on the small metal tag, it lowered and the seam opened. He looked up when Lowl leaned forward and began kissing Darcy. She was such a beautiful female and he wanted to see her as she reached her joyous release.

Plat gripped the side of her leg coverings at her hips and pulled them down and off, over her feet. His breath caught in his throat when he saw the shiny material over her sex and when she shifted on her feet and her legs widened, he saw that she was wet, the fabric damp with her juices.

He pressed his nose to the covering and groaned as he inhaled her sweet scent. He couldn’t wait another moment to taste her cream, so he tugged on the sides of the material and ripped it, the fabric fluttering to the floor.

When he caught sight of her bare female sex, he nearly spent himself in his warrior pants. His cock expanded as if he was already deep inside her body and it pulsed as if he was already pleasuring her, sliding in and out of her sheath. Plat gripped his balls and tugged firmly, relieved when the seed roiling in his balls didn’t burst up his shaft.

Once he was sure he wouldn’t disgrace himself by shooting his load, Plat lifted one of her legs up over his shoulder and stared at her wet, pink, swollen sex. And then he placed his mouth against her folds and licked from top to bottom and back again. Her whimper of pleasure was muffled since Lowl was still kissing her, but it was the sweetest sound he’d ever heard. However, he wanted to hear her screaming as she peaked.

When his tongue touched the small bundle at the top of her sex, she cried out and he looked up along her body to see that Lowl was no longer kissing her but sucking on one of her nipples. Froz was nibbling and licking on her neck and she tilted her head to the side, as if wanting to feel his brother’s mouth on her skin. Plat drew the small protrusion into his mouth and suckled on it as he pushed a thick finger up into her creamy hole and started to move it in and out of her pussy.

She was so tight he wondered for a moment if he and his brothers would be able to fit inside her, but when he gently pressed another broad finger into her and he felt her stretch, he knew she could take them if they took time to prepare her, and were gentle when they penetrated her.

Darcy began to rock her hips back and forth. Froz began to kiss his way down her back until he was kneeling on the floor behind her. Plat wondered if she would be accepting to them filling her every hole. With five of them as her mates, they would want to love her any which way they could, and as often as she allowed. She wasn’t dissimilar to their females. In fact, as far as he could see, other than her female peaks not retreating, she was nearly exactly the same. Except much softer.

Rem Tark had told them that she was breeding compatible with him and his brothers and Plat hoped she would eventually want to have their younglings. Zennoxians had the ability to hold their seed back so it didn’t take into a female cavity until she decided she wanted to procreate, so there was no need to remove their cocks from her pussy when they climaxed. He would have hated wasting his ejaculate and not feeling the full pleasure of his release while he was buried inside of her.

“Oh. So good.” Darcy whimpered as Plat increased the pace of his thrusting fingers and flicked his tongue rapidly over the small nub at the top of her sex.

And when he felt her tighten up, he realized that Froz was licking and caressing her back entrance. Plat groaned as her wet channel began to get tighter and when he felt the protrusion inside of her swell even more, he rubbed the tip of his fingers over it.

Can Darcy make the right decisions for her immediate safety and her future happiness?

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