Slave Gold 2 – Cardinal Warriors

Slave Gold 2 – Cardinal Warriors. To unexpectedly find a gold bracelet would be cause for celebration. Annie’s find will turn her world upside down as this mystical bracelet transports her across space and time to the control room of a space battleship.

Reeling from the unbelievable events surrounding her, Annie is plunged into a war where danger comes from all sides. Finding that she not only has strengths never explored within her, but abilities that are pivotal for her survival and that of the warriors she has become drawn to.

The following Adult Excerpt will tease you into this second installment of Slave Gold by Becca Van.

Slave Gold 2 – Cardinal Warriors by Becca Van“You are so soft,” Shar rasped as he splayed his humungous hand across her belly.

“You smell so sweet.” Baro lay down beside her and placed his nose against her neck before inhaling.

“I want to taste you everywhere.” Mott had moved up to her other side. He cupped a cheek and turned her head toward him. She barely had time to take in a breath before his mouth was on hers.

Annie gasped and then moaned when Mott’s tongue tangled with hers. He tasted so good. Like sugar and spice all mixed together. She was drowning in sensation and lust as their hands began caressing, kneading, pinching, and cupping. Juice leaked from her cunt continuously, and she felt it dripping down to her ass and onto the sheet beneath her.

“She smells so good,” Riek groaned. His, or maybe it was Shar’s, breath wafted over her wet folds, making her shiver.

“I need to taste that sweet honey,” Shar said in a growly voice.

Annie bowed her hips up when her legs were spread wide and then mewled at the first swipe of a rough, wet tongue. If Mott and Baro hadn’t placed their hands on her breast, she may have shot up off the bed and onto the floor.

Having Shar’s tongue laving at her pussy was mind blowing. He made growling sounds in the back of his throat, and then a deep rumble emanated from his chest and out of his mouth. The sound reverberated against her clit, enhancing the pleasure of his rough tongue as it lapped over her clit.

She cried out when Mott and Baro licked at her nipples and then sucked them into her mouth. Sparks of fiery pleasure shot straight down to her pussy. The bed shifted near her legs, and she mewled when a finger rimmed her sopping hole. And then she was being breached. The skin of her pussy stretched, and the heated friction intensified as Riek pushed his finger deeper inside of her.

“What does she taste like?” Baro asked after releasing her nipple.

Shar lifted his head and wiped the juices from his chin with his fingers and licked them clean. “Like the sweetest acca fruit.”

Riek withdrew his finger from her pussy and shoved it into his mouth before sucking it clean. He closed his eyes and moaned. “Better than an acca fruit.”

Annie’s mouth opened on a soundless cry when they all lowered their heads again. This time Baro was kissing her while Mott suckled on a nipple and Riek tasted her pussy. Shar gently penetrated her with a thick finger and her cunt clenched around him.

“So wet,” Shar growled. “I need you, Annie. I can’t wait any longer.”

Riek lifted his head and moved off to the side. Baro removed his lips from hers and started kissing his way down her neck. Shar shifted onto his knees between her splayed thighs and then shoved at Mott and Baro, who moved away from her toward the edge of the massive bed.

Sharm loomed up over her on his hands and knees, his eyes locked to hers. He bent his elbows and lowered until his forehead was pressed against hers, their breaths mingling as they panted.

“Have you been with a male before, Annie?”


“I will be gentle, but let me know if I cause you any pain.”

Annie nodded, and then she was once more floating as Shar kissed her. His tongue rubbed along hers, over her teeth and inner cheeks before coming back to duel with her tongue.

And then his body was pressing against hers. He was so warm and hard with muscle, but he didn’t put all of his weight on her. His cock felt huge against her thigh and very wet. She just hoped he would be able to penetrate her without too much pain. Then his penis was at her entrance, and he pushed up onto his hands and knees. Annie looked down, and her breath caught in her throat when she saw how big he really was. She’d thought Baro, Mott, and Riek were huge, which they were, but Sharm looked even bigger. His size put her in mind of a baseball bat, and she gave a nervous giggle.

“Do not fear me, Annie. I have natural secretions that will ease my way.”

Annie held her breath as he began to push in. Although she could feel his cock stretching her, there was no pain, only pleasure. She felt the broad, bulbous head pop through, but instead of stopping like she had expected him to, to give her body time to adjust to his intrusion, he kept right on going until she felt like he was lodged in her throat. Her internal muscles were tight, but again she didn’t feel uncomfortable or in any pain.

“You are so hot, tight, and wet.” Shar panted. “Are you all right?”

“Yes.” Annie moaned her answer. “You make me feel so full. Do something.” Annie normally wouldn’t demand anything from anyone, but she was so achy and hot she needed more. Needed him to relieve the throbbing heat deep inside of her. Her muscles clenched, and she wiggled her hips.

“By the Cardinal suns,” Shar rasped, and then he began to move.

He eased his huge cock back out, making her moan again as the friction caused a pleasure so intense she wasn’t sure she would survive it. Her head tossed back and forth on the pillow, and her mouth hung open as she panted heavily. He stroked back inside, the tip of his cock butting up against her cervix, causing more cream to form and coat his big dick.

Four chiseled interplanetary warriors, ready to care for and love one woman. The catch is that they need to survive a plot against, as well as the war that rages around them. Be sure to check out Slave Gold 2.

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