Slave Gold 2 – Cardinal Warriors

Slave Gold 2 – Cardinal Warriors. To unexpectedly find a gold bracelet would be cause for celebration. Annie’s find will turn her world upside down as this mystical bracelet transports her across space and time to the control room of a space battleship.

Reeling from the unbelievable events surrounding her, Annie is plunged into a war where danger comes from all sides. Finding that she not only has strengths never explored within her, but abilities that are pivotal for her survival and that of the warriors she has become drawn to.

The following Blurb will tease you into this second installment of Slave Gold by Becca Van.

Slave Gold 2 – Cardinal Warriors by Becca VanAnnie Strident is whipped away from Earth when she finds and tries on a gold slave bracelet. When she wakes up she thinks she’s dreaming. Sharm, Baro, Mott, and Riek Tammock, rulers and warriors of the planet Cardinal, have been searching the galaxies for their bound. They never expected for her to appear out of nowhere in the control room on their battleship, Reason.

As they try to convince her to mate with them, their hated nemesis infiltrates their ship, and since the Sytax use their mind to battle they think all is lost. That is until their mate saves them. But there is a traitor in the midst who is hell bent on getting rid of them to take over the rule of Cardinal. They need to find their conspirator before he kills them and Annie. However, before they can put their plan into action to catch the quisling, the Sytax invade. Can they defeat their enemy or will they all die?

Four chiseled interplanetary warriors, ready to care for and love one woman. The catch is that they need to survive a plot against, as well as the war that rages around them. Be sure to check out Slave Gold 2.

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