Reynolds Pack

Reynolds Pack – an Australian werewolf pack community in outback New South Wales.

Melanie made the bold move to take this job, leaving Melbourne in the rear view mirror. Accepting things would be very different, Mel never expected it to be THIS different.

Freaking out as she learns the truth, she now feels even more alone and trapped. Can Jonny, Kris and Jules win her over?

Reynolds Pack by Becca VanHis lips pressed hers open, and his tongue plunged deep. She clutched at his shirt as her world went wild. She groaned when his spicy masculine flavour exploded on her tastebuds and leaned into him even more. Her hard nipples grew even harder when they pressed into his body, and she arched her stomach into his hard cock and whimpered when he growled with desire.

With each slide of his tongue against hers, her insides heated and melted a little more, and when his hands caressed over her arse and kneaded the fleshy cheeks, she tried to crawl up his body to get even closer.

A sob of disappointment came from her mouth when his lips left hers, and his hands gripped her upper arms to hold her away from his warm frame. She was about to protest verbally when he released her arms, but when his hands went to the hem of her shirt, she nearly cheered out loud.

“Let me help,” Kris whispered against her ear, and then his front pressed into her back as one of his hands tugged at the button of her jeans.

Johnny whipped her shirt up over her head and flung it to the side, where it landed heedlessly on the floor. When she looked up to find him staring at her bra-covered breasts, her first instinct was to lift her arms to cover them.

Mel had never really had any hang-ups about her body, even though she knew it wasn’t perfect. She had flaws just like anyone else, but when she saw the feverish desire in his eyes, her confidence in her femininity rose.

“So fucking beautiful,” Johnny growled as he lifted first one hand and then the other. Her eyes fluttered closed when his large palms and fingers encompassed her breasts as he kneaded them.

Mel didn’t realise that Kris had already lowered the zipper on her jeans until she felt him pushing them over her hips and down her thighs.

She turned her head when she felt a warm waft of air on her bare belly and saw that Jules was kneeling at her side.

“We forgot her sneakers.” Jules caressed a hand from just under the seam of her panty’s leg down the outside of her thigh and calf until he could go no farther because her jeans were in the way. He tugged her laces open and then placed a hand on her hip as he lifted first one foot and then the other to remove her shoes and socks before he pulled her jeans off.

Her attention was once more centred on Johnny when he plucked her aching nipples between his fingers and thumbs. “I want to see and taste you, sweetheart. You have no idea how long we’ve waited for this moment.”

Mel heard sincerity and reverence in his voice, and when his hands released her breasts, she wanted to rip her bra away herself so that he and his brothers would have access to her throbbing flesh. But just as she went to move, he did too. Instead of unclasping her bra like she expected, a sharp claw protruded from the tip of his index finger, and without any compunction, he sliced through the material and then tugged it off and threw the damaged garment aside.

“Fucking perfect,” Jules rumbled as he stared at her breasts.

“You have the most amazing breasts I’ve ever seen, honey.” Kris breathed against her ear and then proceeded to lick and nibble on her neck.

Melanie was so ready for them to take her she was having difficulty staying on her feet and keeping her head straight so she gave in to the urge to rest her head on Kris’s chest and locked her trembling knees.

She gasped when the tip of a warm finger caressed lightly over the peak of first one nipple and then the other. Her pussy clenched, and cream dribbled out onto her panties.

“I can smell you cream, babe.” Jules’s grip on hip tightened, and then she heard a ripping sound, and she jerked as her undies were torn off.

Between the three of them, they turned her slightly, and then she was drowning in a sea of sensation. Jules pressed his nose to the top of her slit, and he inhaled deeply, breathing in her scent. Kris continued to lick and suck at her neck while plucking and pinching at one of her nipples, and Johnny bent his head and sucked the other into his hot, wet mouth. When the tip of Jules’s nose brushed against her clit, she was a goner.

That was all it took for her to explode.

Melanie cried out as pleasure swamped her body and heated liquid raced through her veins. Her body shook and shivered, and cum dribbled onto the insides of her thighs. She’d never felt anything so amazing and carnally, erotically ecstatic in her life.

She’d had self-induced orgasms before, but nothing compared to the one she’d just experienced, and they weren’t even inside of her yet. Mel wasn’t sure she would survive making love to each of the men, but she was going to soar to the heavens and beyond before her heart gave out and love every minute of it.

“Get her on the bed,” Johnny commanded in a raspy voice.

Jules shifted away and rose just as Kris swept her up into his arms and carried her to the massive bed against the back wall of the room. She expected him to set her down and move away but was glad when he followed her down, his big, brawny body covering her small, petite frame as he slammed his mouth onto hers.

He tasted so good, and she wanted more. When his tongue delved into her mouth, she tangled hers with it, and then she suckled on his muscle. The low growling sounds he made were so darkly erotic her just sated libido began to flare up again.

For the boys to convince their mate the reality of who and what they are is difficult enough. That difficulty grows as the urgency increases with an imminent threat to her well being.

Can the Reynolds brothers convince her, and keep her safe in time?

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