Reynolds Pack

Reynolds Pack – an Australian werewolf pack community in outback New South Wales.

Melanie made the bold move to take this job, leaving Melbourne in the rear view mirror. Accepting things would be very different, Mel never expected it to be THIS different.

Freaking out as she learns the truth, she now feels even more alone and trapped. Can Jonny, Kris and Jules win her over?

Reynolds Pack by Becca VanMelanie Stratton leaves her home in Melbourne, Victoria behind and heads toward a small rural community in Outback New South Wales near Silverton for work.

Johnny, Kris and Jules Reynolds know the instant they catch Melanie’s scent that she is their mate, and want to claim her straight away, but they can’t if they don’t want to scare her off. But when Blue and Joe stuff up and Mel begins asking questions they have to tell her of the existence of werewolves.

The three men set out to woo her but Melanie needs time to come to terms with everything she’s found out and asks them to back off. Johnny, Kris and Jules are fighting the mating heat as well as their animals and don’t think their mate will ever accept them.

And there is also trouble brewing.

Can Melanie accept her mates before it’s too late? Or will she end up paying the ultimate price?

For the boys to convince their mate the reality of who and what they are is difficult enough. That difficulty grows as the urgency increases with an imminent threat to her well being.

Can the Reynolds brothers convince her, and keep her safe in time?

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