Reynolds Pack 4 – Surprise Mate

Reynolds Pack 4 – Surprise Mate. A breakdown holds Justine in town, giving brothers Shayne, Mick, and Trent the opportunity to work their magic on this mysterious young lady. Getting to know her became easy, the attraction was instant.

Reynolds Pack 4 - Surprise Mate by Becca Van Erotic RomanceJustine Langley thought she was content with her lone life of driving road trains across the Australian Continent. That was until her rig broke down and she met Shayne, Mick, and Trent Reynolds.

Shayne, Mick, and Trent know that the blonde-haired, blue-eyed sprite is their mate and are adamant to do anything and everything they can to keep her at their sides. Since Justine is drawn to the three men and can barely draw a full breath whenever she looks at their handsome faces and their tall, buff bodies, she finds herself agreeing to be their mate. However, there is something wrong with the mating bond, causing her uncertainties to surge forth.

But that is not the only problem. Someone has been watching Justine, and every time she tries to see where the bad vibes are coming from, she can’t get a pinpoint. When she ends up facing the danger head on, she’ll be in a fight for her life.

A bad history with men has left Justine cautious, leading to the lonely life driving long distance trucks. Since coming to town Justine has felt uneasy. A feeling she just can’t pinpoint or shake. Is it the brothers?

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