Reynolds Pack 4 – Surprise Mate

Reynolds Pack 4 – Surprise Mate. A breakdown holds Justine in town, giving brothers Shayne, Mick, and Trent the opportunity to work their magic on this mysterious young lady. Getting to know her became easy, the attraction was instant.

Reynolds Pack 4 - Surprise Mate by Becca Van Erotic RomanceJustine’s body was on fire. She was shaking, and although she wanted to strip out of the clothes currently abrading her sensitive skin, she wasn’t that bold. She was courageous enough to turn so that she was straddling Shayne’s lap though, so she shifted until her knees were on either side of his hips, sinking into the mattress. She teetered for a moment and was glad for Shayne’s steady hands on her hips as she settled over his lap once more.

“You okay, baby?” Shayne’s low, gravelly voice sent shivers up and down her spine.

She nodded since she wasn’t sure if she would be coherent if she tried to speak.

Shayne released her hips, wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her body up tight against his. A whimper of need escaped her lips when she felt the hard ridge of his erection against her hot, wet, pussy. Her clit throbbed, and juices slid from her body.

“I can smell your need, baby. You smell so sweet. I would love to have a taste of that cream.”

Heat suffused her cheeks, but not because she was embarrassed. Erotic images of Shayne with his head between her legs raced across her mind, causing her to quake even more. Again, she couldn’t have answered if she’d been paid a million dollars to do so and nodded once more.

Shayne stood up, taking her with him, and slowly and carefully lowered her to her feet. Her legs trembled, and her knees threatened to buckle so she gripped his muscular forearms until she was sure she wasn’t about to face plant on the floor.

She glanced behind her when she heard movement and saw that Mick and Trent were leaning against the wall watching her intently. Their gazes were hungry, and they also looked a little angry as well as very, very tense.

She whipped her head back around to face Shayne when she felt his fingers skim over her belly as he inched her T-shirt up toward her breasts.

“Why are they angry?” she whispered hoping that Mick and Trent didn’t hear her.

An instant later, they were standing on either side of her, caressing up and down each arm.

“We aren’t angry with you, darlin’,” Mick said. “We just didn’t want to overwhelm you.”

“We could never be angry with you, sweetness,” Trent said.

Justine snorted at that ludicrous statement, and then she burst out laughing. She glanced at each of the men in turn and found that they were smiling, too. The nervous tension that had invaded her body when she caught them watching her so eagerly floated away.

Shayne whipped her T-shirt up and over her head, and then his fingers were tugging on her jeans before he pushed them down over her hips. Before she knew it, she was standing before three fully dressed men in her underwear, and while she’d thought she’d be embarrassed to find herself in such a situation, she wasn’t. How could she when they were looking at her with so much desire and emotion in their eyes?

Shayne clasped her chin between his finger and thumb, bent down and kissed her passionately. This time the kiss they shared had no slow build up or tentative testing. He went in for the kill. His tongue dueled and danced with hers, causing the desire in her body to shoot up another notch. The aching pain centred in her womb and pussy grew until she needed to be filled.

Without breaking the kiss, Shayne scooped her up into his arms, this time placing her on the mattress and following her down. She moaned when his jeans-clad legs brushed against her and gasped when he pressed his hips against her mound.

He released her lips, kissing, licking, and nibbling his way down her neck toward her breasts. She had no idea when her bra had been removed and only realised it when he licked between both globes with no obstructions.

Justine arched her chest up, trying to get his mouth on her aching nipples, and he didn’t disappoint her. His tongue lapped around the first peak and then the other. She sobbed at the exquisite pleasure and wondered if she would survive when he did actually take her nipple into his mouth. She didn’t have to wait long. He flicked the tip of his tongue over the hard nub and then drew it in between his lips and suckled firmly on it.

She cried out as rapture assailed her. The muscles in her cunt clenched and released with the deep, throbbing ecstasy she’d never imagined was possible, but the small orgasm was nowhere near enough to relieve the fiery passion still clinging to her.

“That was fucking hot, baby,” Shayne rasped as he moved to suckle at her other nipple. “Let’s see how many times we can make you come.”

Justine gasped when he moved down her body, stroking, kissing, and lapping at her sensitive skin, making the embers flare up again. He pressed a knee between her legs and nudged them wider, still swirling his tongue around her belly button. She felt the mattress dip on either side of her, but she was so turned on she couldn’t concentrate on anything other than what Shayne was doing to her.

When she felt his thumbs hook into the sides of her G-string, she tensed and held her breath, but then she was moaning. Mick and Trent were on the bed on either side of her, and both of them began to caress her. Her lids fluttered open when they each cupped a breast, feeling the weight of them in their hands, and then Trent began to knead one breast as Mick leaned down to kiss her. Shayne ripped the sides of her panties and tugged them out from beneath her arse, and she groaned when he kissed high up on the inside of her thigh before he licked her.

A bad history with men has left Justine cautious, leading to the lonely life driving long distance trucks. Since coming to town Justine has felt uneasy. A feeling she just can’t pinpoint or shake. Is it the brothers?

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