Reynolds Pack 3 – Against all Odds

Reynolds Pack 3 – Against All Odds. Looking for some one to share her life, Lexia is charmed by a prominent member of the Broken Hill community over dinner. That was the highlight of what would become a dangerous association.

Reynolds Pack 3 - Against All Odds by Becca VanAfter a blind date gone wrong Lexia Blackstone ends up fighting for her life.

Jason and Justin Reynolds, and Jay Friess, are heading home to pack land when Jay orders Jason to stop the vehicle. When all three men get out of the car and breathe deeply of the sweet intoxicating scent wafting on the breeze, they know their mate is near. However, when they find her their hearts break. She is battered and bruised and unconscious.

Thankfully Jay is a GP, and after taking their woman back home and treating her, the three men know she will make a full recovery.

However, they are worried about telling her that she is their mate and they’re werewolves after she’s been hurt by a man.

When Lexi tells them what happened to her, Jay, Jason and Justin vow to protect her, but the psychopath after her is determined to win.

Will the three werewolves be able to convince Lexia that she is the woman for them? But more importantly, will they be able to protect her from a madman?

With the police unable to hold Lexia’s assailant due to lack of evidence, she was sure he wasn’t finished with her.

Can Jay, Jason and Justin keep her safe? Can Lexia resist their charm? Can she accept that they are werewolves?

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