Reynolds Pack 3 – Against all Odds

Reynolds Pack 3 – Against All Odds. Looking for some one to share her life, Lexia is charmed by a prominent member of the Broken Hill community over dinner. That was the highlight of what would become a dangerous association.

Reynolds Pack 3 - Against All Odds by Becca VanHis wolf was howling inside him, pacing and prancing on four paws, and urging him to hurry up, but he wasn’t about to hurry anything. Lexi needed to be seduced. He wanted her so hot for him that she was begging him to fill her.

He broke the kiss and began to lick and nibble along her neck, taking time to suck on her earlobe before going lower. When he got to the neckline of her T-shirt, he grabbed the hem and tugged hard. The sound of fabric ripping filled the bedroom and Lexi gasped.

Jason shifted to his knees and when he saw her magnificent breasts for the first time. He closed his eyes and groaned. They were the most perfect breasts he’d ever seen. He opened his eyes again, bent over her, and kissed her voraciously. Her little hands clutched at his shoulders, and when he covered one of her breasts with his hand she whimpered.

He licked into her mouth, nudging her knees apart with his legs and then released her lips. Her areolae were puckered and her pretty pink nipples were hard. Jason met her gaze for a second before he lowered his eyes back to her breasts.

“Fucking beautiful,” he said as he moved down the bed a little more, and then he lashed one of the hard peaks with his tongue.

“Oh god,” Lexi moaned.

Jason felt the mattress dip on either side of Lexi, and he didn’t need to open his eyes to know that Justin and Jay had joined them on the bed. Jason sucked the nipple into his mouth, swirled his tongue around the distended nub, and then suckled on it firmly.

Lexi moaned, her legs moving restlessly. The aroma of her arousal became more pungent. He released her nipple, swallowed the saliva pooling in his mouth, and then moved across to her other breast. He treated that nipple to the same attentions as the previous one, and when he had her arching up for more, he licked and sucked her flesh as he moved down her body.

Justin glanced up to see Jay and Justin had removed the remnants of her T-shirt, and his brother was kissing Lexi hungrily. Jay was kneading one of her breasts in his hand while suckling at the other.

Perfect. They will help arouse our mate to a fever pitch.

Jason scooted down the mattress, went to his belly between her splayed thighs, and slashed through the sides of her panties with an elongated claw. He tugged the material out from beneath her and slung it to the side.

His heart stuttered and his breath caught when he caught the first look of her dripping wet cunt. The brown hair on her mound was trimmed short, and he could see that she was very pink and swollen. When he saw her pussy clench, he moaned and dipped his head to catch the cream that seeped from her cunt.

Her sweet flavor exploded on his tongue, and his wolf howled with joy, begging for more. He lapped up through her folds and flicked his tongue over her clit. Lexi moaned and bucked and then spread her legs wider. Jason smiled, glad that his mate was enjoying having her pussy licked.

He looked up over her body to see that Jay was kissing her now while Justin was paying homage to those perfect breasts. His brother caught his eye, smiled, and then went back to suck on Lexi’s nipple.

Jason shifted his head lower, dipped his tongue into her creamy well, and groaned with delight as her delectable juices flowed onto his tastebuds. There was no way he would ever get enough of eating his mate’s cunt. He slurped up her honey, then he rimmed her hole with his finger while licking over her clit. When her pussy clenched and her hips arched up, he pressed that finger inside of her. She was so hot and tight, he couldn’t wait to get his hard cock inside her, but first he needed to stretch her out a bit. He didn’t want to hurt her by shoving his cock up inside her with no preparation at all.

He pumped his finger in and out of her sheath, going deeper and faster each time he pressed back in, and after the muscles inside of her loosened a little, he added another finger. Her internal walls clenched around his fingers, and her legs tautened up a little. He hoped he wasn’t hurting her, but when he glanced up her body to see that she was clutching Justin’s head to her breast, and the back of Jay’s head as he kissed her, he knew she wasn’t feeling any pain at all.

Jason slowly thrust his fingers in and out of her cunt, making sure to glide over the top wall of her pussy and her G-spot. Each time he slid the pad of his fingers over the sensitive nerve laden tissues, more cream wept from her body and her hips jerked. When her pussy rippled around his fingers and her the walls began to coil tighter, Jason knew she was getting close to climaxing.

He shifted a little higher, lapped over her clit with the tip of his tongue, and continued to pump his fingers in and out of her cunt. Just as he felt the temperature of her insides get hotter and she bathed his fingers in more cream, he sucked her clit into his mouth.

Lexi cried out and bucked. Her thighs clamped around his head and held onto him as she shook and shivered with orgasm. Her internal walls clenched and released as he continued to suckle on her clit, pumping his fingers, making sure to prolong her orgasm. When the last spasm faded, he removed his digits from her pussy, licked them clean, and then kissed the top of her mound before rolling from the bed to remove his clothes.

With the police unable to hold Lexia’s assailant due to lack of evidence, she was sure he wasn’t finished with her.

Can Jay, Jason and Justin keep her safe? Can Lexia resist their charm? Can she accept that they are werewolves?

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